Make Your Wedding Dance Unique With Country Dance Lessons

Country dance classes Chandler ArizonaWhy do the 7th grade prom sway when you can kick up your heels for a fun and unexpected wedding dance that will blow the boots off of your guests!?! If you’re having a Country themed/rustic style wedding, a Country wedding dance will be the perfect tie-in to the reception of your dreams.

These days, a choreographed wedding routine consisting of a slow, romantic dance which leads into a cheesy hip hop routine may be exactly what your friends and family are expecting, but would they imaging that you went and took two step lessons to impress them with a mind-blowing Country dance? Probably not.

If you’re a Country music lover, doesn’t it just make sense to incorporate your favorite song(s) into a unique and special dance, choreographed just for you? I say yes!

To learn how to rock your reception with an amazing first dance that’s “Countrified” from top to bottom, contact your local dance studio for adults that offers both Wedding Dance Lessons and Country dance lessons. In other words, a traditional ballroom dance studio may not be the perfect fit for you if they cannot, or do not, teach Country dancing on a regular basis. While most Country dances, from two step to swing, are partner dances, and are related to other more common ballroom dances, there is a distinct difference when it comes to styling that is involved. Bottom line, find yourself a dance studio that offers social dancing so you will get the Country look you are wanting.

To make sure that you have found the right place, set up a Wedding Dance Consultation. Things to bring with you to your Wedding Dance Consultation will include pictures of your venue and your wedding gown, and some Country songs that you have in mind for your wedding dance. Your dance instructor will take care of the rest!

As a professional dance instructor and wedding dance choreographer for over two decades, I also want to share how important it is have an idea of what you’d like to look like on the dance floor. Country dancing doesn’t have to be wild and free, it can also be very romantic and intimate. What excites you? If sassy is your thing, say so. If you want a passionate love story, let’s do it! Maybe you want a little of both. That’s not a problem either, as long as you voice your ideas. It’s your day, and your dance. Your instructor is there to bring your vision to life, within reason. (This is where I feel compelled to tell you that crazy dips and flips are not a great idea to add into your wedding dance routine. I know you were hoping that I would suggest otherwise, but you don’t want to end up injured or on top of the cake on the most important day of your life.)

Lastly, don’t delay when it comes to signing up for Country dance lessons for your wedding. A good time to begin is right when you get engaged, actually. Then you can take time to learn to dance as a couple and get comfortable with dancing in general before adding the pressure of performing in front of friends and family into the mix. Plus, Country dancing is an exciting hobby that you two can enjoy for years to come! Congrats on getting engaged and have a blast on the dance floor on your wedding day!

The Votes Are In! Toby Keith’s Dance Competition Is Back

Scottsdale Country DancingToby Keith’s Bar in Mesa AZ is bringing back their monthly dance competition and guess who their judges are??? You guessed it! Dance FX Studios has hooked up with Toby’s to become their new Country dance instructors and judges for a once-a-month evening of fun and prizes!

Toby guests can look forward to new and exciting Country dances that will be introduced each month including Country Two Step and Country Swing. Cool prizes for first, second and third places will also be given to those who enter the dance competition held right after the free class.

The plan for this fun, new addition to Toby’s already thriving bar? To invite and introduce the everyday “non-dancer” to the basics of Country dancing so that they can see for themselves how EASY dancing can be! Owner of Dance FX Studios, Nicole Dekavallas, admits that “Most people stand on the sidelines because they just don’t want to ‘fake’ their way out on the dance floor. They want to look and feel cool! Free dance classes will give bar-goers the perfect chance to dance.”

For those who already feel confident on the dance floor, the dance competition following the complimentary class will give them an opportunity to shine. Big prizes and fun surprises are in store for participants who dare to get out and strut their stuff.

Looking for that competitive edge? Know that Dance FX Studios’ judges will be scoring each couple on three components; the “WOW” factor, musicality and overall performance quality.

Toby Keith’s/Dance FX Studios’ next complimentary dance class and competition will be held on St. Patrick’s Day. Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 18th at around 7 pm for the festivities to begin. This is a night you won’t want to miss!

If you want to learn to Country dance, maybe we’ll see you out on the dance floor at Toby Keith’s next competition!