Am I Too Old To Salsa Dance?

Salsa lessons mesa AZMany people think that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. They think that going out Salsa dancing is only for the young. I say no! That is so not the case! Like fine wine, we can all age gracefully and get better with time, especially when we continue to challenge ourselves to grow and learn.

Did you know that discovering new things at any stage of our lives is not only exciting, but healthy in mind, body and spirit? As we age, it is essential to keep active and social, not stagnant and alone. By giving Salsa dance lessons a try, you will benefit in so many ways. From making new friends to sharpening your mind, Salsa dancing may be just what the doctor ordered!

If you’ve heard the incredible statistics on how ballroom dancing, which includes Latin dancing, keeps dementia at bay, you know that you’re never too old to learn to dance. In fact, being older and learning to dance as a new hobby is a wonderful thing! Check out this statistic: As compared to doing crossword puzzles, riding bikes and reading, social ballroom dancing was 76% more effective in warding off dementia in patients at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. Now that’s amazing! Interestingly, swimming and playing golf had zero effect on aging patients in terms of memory improvement.

Salsa dancing will also get that heart rate up, keeping your blood pressure low, and creating a happier, healthier you! And, with increased endorphin levels because of all of that movement on the dance floor, you’re sure to be smiling and having a blast!

Socially, Salsa dancing, like many other ballroom dances, is a fun and exciting approach to meeting new friends. Sure, you can meet people in all different ways, but the joy of social dancing with people with similar interests, provides a unique opportunity to connect with others. Social dancing is just that…social! When you share what you love with others, you’re no longer alone. And regardless of your age, being a part of a community gives us purpose and passion.

You can be hip and cool at any age when you know how to Salsa dance! Explore ballroom dancing for yourself and see how it can help you physically, mentally and socially. Get off the couch and on to the dance floor for Beginner’s Private Latin and Ballroom Dance Lessons . You’re never too old to join in the fun!


The Belle Of The Ball!

Mesa Ballroom dancing studiosWhen you think of going to a ball, often the vision of Cinderella and her wicked stepsisters comes to mind. Yet, when you come into our studios, you are learning some of the very same steps that a lady at the ball would learn to dance! Ballroom dancing has that same root, ballare, or “to dance”. Long before the fairy tales, people were creating new dance styles. Some of the more notable ballroom dances are the waltz, rumba, cha-cha, tango and the foxtrot. These now very popular ballroom dance styles are not earlier than the 1900’s! Even before the birth of the renaissance period, people played around with the Polka and an early form of square dancing called quadrille. These earlier 16th and 17th century dances gave distinction between folk dancing and social dancing. A dance called the minuet was a huge step in social dancing’s success, because it was the first dance to be focused on elegance and dance etiquette.
You may also be interested to know that the closed frame, or one hand hold, position for dancing was a huge revelation in the 18th century. What was the first ‘ballroom’ dance to be danced in the closed position? Waltz! Having an extended period of time where partners were so close to each other was seen as very scandalous at the time.
Today, the closed position for ballroom dancing is very typical and often dancers will travel from an open to a closed position quite frequently. Also within this transition is the creation of competitive ballroom dancing! Now, couples can compete in many different types of ballroom dances; jive, mambo, quickstep and samba along with many other loved ballroom dances. Ballroom dancing has come along way between its creation and today! We can now all learn to move gracefully along the dance floor in a way that would make Cinderella proud! (Prince not included)