Come Country Dancing With Dance FX Studios!

Country Western dance lessons ArizonaWhat did you do this past Saturday night? Do you wish you were out Country dancing with friends, or meeting new people out Country dancing? If so, we would have loved to have you join us at San Tan Flat in Queen Creek! We had a blast Swing dancing, Two Stepping and spending time with our group, who are all Country music and dance fans.

In the land of the Cowboy here in Arizona, Country Western Dance Lessons are almost essential if you plan to wrangle-up the Cowgirl of your dreams. Two Step dancing and Swing dancing are all the rage, so knowing how to do it with confidence is key! Ladies…don’t miss out on being swept off of your feet by a true Cowboy (or at least one in the making). And guys…you know the ladies love to dance, so why would you not want to explore Country dancing as a cool, new hobby? See for yourself how your social life will expand once you know how to dance.

Country dance venues are popping up on every corner around the Phoenix metro area, and Country dancing in Arizona is as popular as ever. Arizonans love to boot n’ scoot their nights away at Country bars like Whiskey Row, Denim and Diamonds, and Handle Bar J’s! When you’re thinking of learning something new, it just makes sense to learn to Country dance, especially if you live here in the southwest.

Did you know there is even a form of Two Step that is almost done exclusively here in Arizona? It is called the Arizona Two Step, or Rhythm Two Step. What’s great about it is that you don’t need a ton of space to learn the Rhythm Two Step, which is fantastic for crowded dance floors around town. Really though, it doesn’t matter what form of Two Step that you end up doing because they are fun and easy to learn and dance. You are sure to have a great time Country dancing, so grab your partner, a group of friends, or come solo, and get started with beginner’s Country Dance Lessons today!

If you would like to practice your Country dancing with a group of other Country dance lovers, sign up for one of our upcoming dance events. Our professional instructors will be there to help you look incredible on the dance floor! Plus, you’ll meet other dancers who are at all stages of learning to dance themselves. Check out our Dance Events page for details and to see what our Night’s Out include. You can even sign up to join us through our free app called Dance FX Studios.

Do you find yourself tapping your feet, smiling, and maybe even singing along to your favorite Country music? Then it’s time to discover Country Dancing! Grab your Cowboy boots and let’s get Two-Stepping. Replace those nights on the couch with evenings filled with laughter, fun and new friends. Dancing can offer a lot of fun for those who are willing to give it a shot. Who knows, this may even turn out to be something you really enjoy and can be a brand new skill and hobby for you.

Become a competent dancer and find out for yourself how to really heat up your nights. NOW is the time to get started so that you can really shine on any dance floor.  Let us help you to become the dancer you are envisioning – smooth and natural – while having a great time and learning a life-long skill that will cover you for any occasion.

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Treat her like a lady: Three Types of Leaders on the Dance Floor

Ballroom dancing ArizonaDo you love to go out social dancing at your favorite Country bar or Latin dance club here in Phoenix? So do I! What makes dancing that much more exciting is finding a leader that makes us feel beautiful, elegant and sexy, right girls?? It’s so true! Alright guys, it’s time to have a serious chat about how you are treating your lady on the dance floor.  Without fail, I deal with one of these three types of leaders, and I can speak for every woman when I say, we only want to experience one.  It’s really disheartening when a woman goes out to have a fun night out Country, Swing or Latin dancing and gets hit with one of these leaders instead.  It ruins our excitement and makes dancing not only uncomfortable, but sometimes even painful.  Let me explain further…


The Unaware Leader: The first type of leader is unaware of their partner.  What do I mean by this?  I mean this leader knows their steps but is absolutely clueless to the woman in their grasp.  I want to applaud this leader, for know his steps!  However, I want to scold him for not being more aware of how is actions are affecting his partner.  It is his job to make the dance smooth and keep his partner safe. What happens when a leader is unaware?  Let me tell you from personal experience what has happened, and I’ll warn you it is not pretty.  I have been dipped by an unaware leader, and as a result was kicked with a boot (in my jaw might I add) by the couple next me.  I have also been dropped by a leader, and then hit my head on a railing on the way down.  Both were extremely painful experiences, and made me very skeptical about going out dancing again.  It made me a nervous follower, unsure of my ability to trust the people who asked me to dance.  No leader should cause this to happen to a follower, so I beg all leaders out there, please be aware of your partner and know how your actions affect her.  Don’t be the one to blame for injures caused while a woman is under your care.


The Assertive Leader: The second type of leader is the assertive leader.  This person is often too focused on showing off his moves that he becomes forceful. You can often find this type of guy out Country dancing here in AZ. What starts off as a fun ride quickly begins to make the follower feel like a ragdoll being tossed about.  This also results in your follower tensing up and resisting your lead because you scare them!  They have zero control and can’t get their bearings long enough to prep for the next move, as they are being whipped about so fast.  This is terrifying, and again has the ability to lead to disaster.  You are leading a follower, but she is volunteering that access to you.  Be gentle and respectful with it, or you won’t get the luxury again.


The Graceful Leader: Ah, the third type.  He is the graceful leader.  He takes care of his partner and leads her with finesse.  He has style and confidence, and he leads his follower around the floor protecting her from harm.  Realizing she is being vulnerable by accepting his lead, and being mindful about how his movements affect her.  This type of lead is not weak.  He is strong and steady, and this type of lead is the lead every follower longs for.

Gentlemen, treat her like a lady, and if you don’t know how, let us teach you. At Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley, we are here six days out of the week; willing and ready to show you how to sweep her off her feet and keep her out of harm’s way.

Whether you are with a partner or not, begin with Dance FX Studios’ New Student Offer, one hour-long private dance lesson, to get healthy habits from us right from the start. With private dance lessons for beginners, you will learn to be that graceful leader that every woman adores.

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Country Dancing in Mesa, Arizona

couple dancingCountry dancing is a blast, and is very popular here in Arizona. Arizonans and visitors alike enjoy many variations of Country dancing – Country Two Step, Nite Club Two Step, Country Swing, Country Waltz, and more! There are several places across the Phoenix Valley that serve as great settings for going out and kicking up your boots. Three most popular and highly recommended places are Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill, Cactus Moon, and Denim and Diamonds, all for various reasons.


Cactus Moon is right across the walkway from Toby Keith’s in Mesa, Arizona, and is always busy. They have delicious appetizers and a few pool tables, but their large dance floor is the kicker for us. The crowd is always diverse -being so close to Tempe and Arizona State University, and here you have space to move! They even have a specific night dedicated to Country dancing.


Toby Keith’s is also a great place to go, but for different reasons. Popular Country bands frequent the stage there, and typically they get a good turn out for Country Two Step and Country Swing dancing. Their dance floor is a little smaller and more crowded than Cactus Moon’s, making it important to be courteous of others around you. On the other hand, they only play Country music and the atmosphere is always fun and exciting.


Denim and Diamonds in East Mesa, AZ is fun also for locals. They have an amazing Ladies Night Out on Wednesdays with awesome drink specials, and the largest dance floor out of the three. Wednesday is the best day to go because of how many people come to Country dance, making it the perfect hump day hangout!


Country dancing is all the rage here in AZ, and you can enjoy it too! With Country Two Step and Swing dance lessons from us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ you can become a confident and capable Country dancer. Not only will you learn the steps and form to look great on the dance floor, but we also incorporate useful social dancing tips and tools into our unique, personalized dance lessons. You will learn how to keep you and your partner safe and comfortable on a crowded dance floor, how to connect with your partner while dancing, how to lead and follow, and so much more!


You can get a feel for how great our Instructors and methods of teaching are and see how fun learning to dance can be with our Private Country Dance Lesson Introductory Offer. This offer is just $40 for an entire hour of learning. We will explore why you want to learn to dance, what you want to get out of lessons, and help you to get out on the floor and starting the learning process! For more information or to schedule your first Country dance lesson, visit our website or call us today at 480.968.6177. Happy Country dancing!