Expand Your Latin Dancing with the Bachata

latin dancing phoenixHave you recently taken a Salsa dancing class and want to learn more Latin dances? How about trying your hand with the fun and alluring Bachata. It is a basic 3 step dance with some Cuban hip motion. The hip motion is the key movement in the dance because it is part of the soul of the dance. The basic side-to-side movements include 3 steps to either side and then a tap step with hip movement.

Originally, the Bachata was danced to express the feelings that someone has for another person. Supposedly, the more smoothly and frequency in hip movement related the amount of feelings someone had. Speaking of feelings, learning this, or any Latin dance, can be quite a romantic evening for a couple. You may be able to strengthen the bond that you have with your partner, spend more time with one another, improve your communication skills with each other (non-verbal as well), and increase the romance in your relationship.

If you want to dance for pure health benefits, well how about these great reasons: building endurance and stamina, helping with weight loss, relieving stress, releasing toxins via sweating, may help in lowering blood pressure and improving cholesterol levels, reduced heart rate over time, and strengthening bones.

There are also other benefits to dancing besides the purely physical ones as well. You may experience psychological and spiritual as well. There is a unique stimulation of the mind that comes from performing an aerobic exercise while engaging in social activity that has great benefits against Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in the elderly. Another thing you might experience are other mental benefits such as decreased stress, less depression, and reduced loneliness.

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