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Latin Dance Lessons in Mesa, Arizona

latin dancing in mesa azHave you been feeling a little bored and ho-hum lately? Do you think you need a new hobby? Does your love life need a little kick start? Try Latin ballroom dancing lessons! Unleash your sassy, spicy side with Latin dance lessons at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. We have been teaching couples and singles Latin dances like Salsa, Bachata, and Argentine Tango for 13 years. We specialize in teaching our students to become fearless, excited social dancers who are capable of dancing anywhere!


When you learn to Latin dance, you will learn to be the life of the party! Latin dances are known for being exciting and sassy, bringing out the sensual, passionate side of anyone who partakes. Salsa dancing is the most popular social Latin dance style in the world. From tapas bars and clubs in Spain to the streets of Latin America to the Salsa dance clubs here in Arizona, people all over the world LOVE Salsa dancing. Salsa is engaging and exhilarating, making it the perfect dance to learn if you want to spice things up and enjoy a change of pace.

Another popular social Latin dance is the Bachata – a dance from the Dominican Republic that will surely get you shimmying and shaking! Like the Salsa, Bachata is also fun and flirty and will let you express yourself like you never thought possible.

The Argentine Tango is a very special dance that is known for being romantic and sensual. When you learn to Tango, you will be introduced to a whole new world of movement and expression that you will fall in love with! You and your partner can explore this world together and enhance your communication skills while enjoying an intimate activity together. Latin dances bring out the inner flirt in everyone; you will be amazed at how you can open up and thoroughly enjoy yourself while dancing!

If you are feeling a little apprehensive about learning to dance, don’t worry! Dance FX Studios’ Latin Private Dance Introductory Offer is perfect for dipping your toes in the proverbial waters of dance. Your instructor will get a feel for how you learn and will discover what you want to get out of dancing, allowing them to create a lesson plan that’s just right for you. You will get out on the dance floor and learn some of the basics of dance, like who leads and who follows, dance frame, and more! For more information about what we offer, give us a call at the studio from noon to 8 pm at 480-968-6177 on weekdays and 10 am to 3 pm on Saturdays, or stop by during business hours. There’s no need to wait any longer, come learn a fiery Latin dance today!

All About the Bachata

When was the last time you danced? The desire to dance is one of the most primitive and instinctual senses within human beings. It has been said the dancing is older than anything except eating, drinking, and love. These things are the rhythm of life… and rhythm is the basis of dancing! It is a fact that emotion does inspire the body to move. Society and conditioning have taught people to suppress this natural response, but this primal desire is there all the same. Even though you may have not danced in awhile, or ever at all, you do have this instinct imbedded inside you. So why not listen to those instincts and get out there and dance!

There are a number of dances that are available to learn and sometimes it can get a little confusing as to which dance best suits an individual’s preference. What type of music do you like? Do you want to be able to dance anywhere, from clubs to weddings? Would you like to reconnect with your partner? Today, we’re going to talk about ballroom dancing and, more specifically, a sensual Latin dance called the Bachata.

An increasing amount of people are becoming more interested in Bachata dancing, as there are so many advantages to learning this dance and becoming familiar with the music. Some of the many benefits involve building confidence, learning a new skill, making new acquaintances, as well as, improved hand and eye coordination. For many fans, Bachata is simply a form of entertainment or escapism with enchantingly exotic music and intimate dancing. What a great way to reconnect with your partner or connect with someone new!

OK, so what exactly is the Bachata? Bachata is a both a dance and a style of Latin music from the Dominican Republic. It has elements of other Latin genres and styles and is relatively new, emerging from the rural areas of the Dominican Republic in the 1950’s. Bachata songs are often about country living and love, both passionate romance and hurtful heartbreaks- it is very similar to the American blues. Even though Bachata dancing is different from Salsa or Merengue, the intensity and sensuality is just as strong, if not more so.

Because of its humble origins and subject matter, the Bachata was not popular at first. It was originally considered music for the poor and uneducated. This, however, didn’t stop the Bachata artists who continued playing and writing songs for their few faithful fans. As the years passed Bachata music evolved, borrowing styles and rhythms from modern genres like Latin pop music. Today, Bachata has gained popularity and recognition- it has left the rural countryside of the Dominican Republic and is now popular in major cities throughout the world!

Sound intriguing? Let Dance FX Studios, Arizona’s leading private ballroom dance studio, located near Tempe and Chandler, help you to become skilled in Bachata dancing. We are available for private lessons Monday-Friday, from 12-8 and Saturday, from 11-4. Give us a call at 480.968.6177 to begin this new and exciting adventure!

At Dance FX Studios, in Mesa, AZ, we have helped so many people learn to ballroom dance-including styles such as Country, Swing, Latin, and Argentine Tango. We have changed apprehensive and self-conscious beginners to confident and competent dancers and would love to do the same for you! A great way to get started with Latin dance lessons is with our Introductory Offer, for only $40 per couple or single. This one hour lesson is all we need to show you how much fun learning to dance can be for anyone. Learning to dance is a skill you can use anywhere, for any occasion, and is something you will have with you throughout your life. How many other things can offer you that? Add a little passion into your life with Bachata dance lessons or another style of your choice-either way, you’ll be enjoying a hobby that will keep you moving for years to come.

Top Three Most Useful Dances in Arizona

Get ready to have some fun with dance lessons in three of the most popular social dances in Arizona! “What are those dances that no AZ resident should live without?”, you may ask. Three must-have dances for couples or singles who live in Arizona include: Salsa, Swing and the Country Two Step. Yes, it’s true, gone are the days where ballroom dancing, like the Foxtrot or Waltz are in style simply because they can make you feel elegant or debonaire. Today, social dancing is all about having fun, fitting in with the local cultures and enjoying what you know by taking it to parties, weddings or even on cruises! Let’s explore these three key social dances and why YOU should learn them to have a great time dancing anywhere in Arizona.

1. Salsa Dancing: Because we live in the southwest, Latin influence is prevalent in more than just the food in Arizona. Salsa dance lessons are a great way to burn off those yummy tapas and enjoy a sexy and passionate hobby! Along with Salsa dancing in AZ, you must learn to dance Bachata, Merengue and Cha Cha for the full Latin effect. Then, you will be prepared for any Latin club with confidence.

Latin dance lessons are great for couples to spice up the romance, but singles, do not shy away from learn to Latin dance. Salsa, and the other Latin dances mentioned above, are not only a great workout, but they are amazing for exploring a different side of your personality. There is an inner diva or Latin lover in there somewhere just waiting to come out. Give yourself a chance to get those hips moving the right way and watch your confidence, and social calendar, improve by the minute!

2. Swing Dancing: Swing dancing in Phoenix, AZ is another must-have dance. What we love about the swing is its versatility. Learn to Swing dance and enjoy all fast-paced music in style from Country to Rock and Roll, Big Band and other classic and fun oldies. After a few Swing dance lessons, you will be able to hit any dance floor with fun and impressive turns that will keep you on the dance floor all night long.

As if you needed more reasons to learn to Swing dance, keep in mind that you can burn over 400 calories an hour while Swing dancing. It is a high-energy aerobic blast that will keep you smiling as your endorphins soar. Give yourself a boost of energy and excitement with Swing dance lessons.

3. Country Two Step Dancing: Need we say more? In the land of the cowboy here in Arizona, Country Two Stepping is essential to know if you plan to wrangle the cowgirl of your dreams. Country dance venues are popping up on every corner around in the Phoenix metro area, so no need to wait on this fun and popular dance with Country dance lessons today. (By the way, check out Spurs Saloon in Chandler, a new Country dance bar that recently opened. They offer a nice dance floor and live music for your Country dance pleasures.)

If you haven’t learned to Salsa, Swing or Two Step in AZ yet, it’s never too late. For dance lessons as a couple or a single in any of these popular dances and more, give Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona a try. We offer both group dance classes and private dance lessons to Phoenix adults who want to learn to dance. For the last 12 years, we have created thousands of amazing social dancers– you can be next!  Conveniently, we are located just off the 101 highway minutes from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ. Make the drive and come check us out, you’ll be happy that you did!


Expand Your Latin Dancing with the Bachata

latin dancing phoenixHave you recently taken a Salsa dancing class and want to learn more Latin dances? How about trying your hand with the fun and alluring Bachata. It is a basic 3 step dance with some Cuban hip motion. The hip motion is the key movement in the dance because it is part of the soul of the dance. The basic side-to-side movements include 3 steps to either side and then a tap step with hip movement.

Originally, the Bachata was danced to express the feelings that someone has for another person. Supposedly, the more smoothly and frequency in hip movement related the amount of feelings someone had. Speaking of feelings, learning this, or any Latin dance, can be quite a romantic evening for a couple. You may be able to strengthen the bond that you have with your partner, spend more time with one another, improve your communication skills with each other (non-verbal as well), and increase the romance in your relationship.

If you want to dance for pure health benefits, well how about these great reasons: building endurance and stamina, helping with weight loss, relieving stress, releasing toxins via sweating, may help in lowering blood pressure and improving cholesterol levels, reduced heart rate over time, and strengthening bones.

There are also other benefits to dancing besides the purely physical ones as well. You may experience psychological and spiritual as well. There is a unique stimulation of the mind that comes from performing an aerobic exercise while engaging in social activity that has great benefits against Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in the elderly. Another thing you might experience are other mental benefits such as decreased stress, less depression, and reduced loneliness.

If you are interested in learning the Bachata and many other Latin styles of dances, join us at Dance FX Studios, located in Mesa, Arizona, for private Latin dance lessons. Our introductory offer includes 1 hour-long private dance class to get started with the basics. Get the benefits of knowing how to dance the Bachata and other Latin dances today at Dance FX Studios.