Group Dance Classes and Events

Register Online: Using our Online Group Class and Event Calendar, click “Sign Up” under the Class and follow the simple steps from there! Classes are listed weekly, so if you’d like to find a future Class, use the “Next” button above the Calendar. Online Registration is required by noon on the day of class. To avoid losing your pre-paid Class, please cancel any time before noon on the day of class.

ROTATING PARTNERS: We do ask that Students rotate partners in any of our Group Classes. Rotating partners allows you to see areas in your dancing that can be improved upon, and gives you the chance to discover different ways of connecting on the dance floor. For a more personal experience with your loved one, give Private Lessons a try.

Club FX Memberships: Looking for a steal on our Group Classes? Purchase a Club FX Membership!

Questions? Please call us at 480.968.6177