Stand Tall and Dance!

Ballroom dancing near Chandler AZWe were always told “sit up straight” by our mothers and teachers all throughout our youth. Yet here we are, all grown up, still having a case of the slouches. It can be hard to break the cycle! Even though it might feel comfortable, incorrect posture can be detrimental to your body. One of the most common negative effects of bad posture is fatigue. Increased pressure on the spine forces your muscles to work harder and compensate for misalignment in your body. This excess energy usage makes you feel more tired throughout the day. While poor posture doesn’t lead to scoliosis, it can affect your spine in other nasty ways: herniated disks, pinches nerves and pulled muscles—oh my!

Incorrect pressure distribution created by bad posture can be bad for your organs as well. When undue pressure is placed upon them, it inhibits their functionality.  Often you’ll hear that sitting straight helps you digest your food better—and it’s completely true!

Now, if you take a dance class, such as Tango, Nite Club Two step, or Salsa, your body is probably thanking you! Dancing improves posture more than you might think. All those basic steps, torso rotations, and legs extensions engage many different muscles in the body, but especially the ones in the back. In order to be responsive to your partner you must be able to keep a good frame, or body shape, while dancing. It requires you to stand tall with your chest muscles out and your back muscles engaged. Often, your arms and back will feel tired after a good dancing session because your body isn’t used to good posture!

If you invest in dancing, and practice daily, you will likely notice that your will posture improve and you might even see some of the other benefits too. Dancing can lead to a healthier overall lifestyle.

Think you’re ready to try it out? Dance FX has new group classes starting in January. Check out all the classes we have to offer for the new year and see how dance “FX” you!