What to do When Things Go Wrong on the Dance Floor

Country dancing near Chandler AZYou’re out social dancing on a Friday night to shake off your stressful week and everything seems to be going wrong. You’ve drawn a blank on the dance moves you have, and you can’t even find the beat in songs that you’ve heard a thousand times. What a nightmare…and the worst of it is that you’re on a date! You thought you’d impress her, but things seem to be going downhill quickly, especially on the dance floor.

What do you do? OK, first, take a deep breath. Making mistakes on the dance floor, whether you’re out Country dancing or Salsa dancing, is completely normal! Maybe you’re just nervous or you are simply having an off day. Regardless, it’s just dance, so relax and follow these suggestions…

  1. Keep on smiling. You’re out to show her a good time, right? If you’re caught up in your head trying to remember your Swing dance moves, she will begin to feel the pressure that you’re putting on yourself. That will take away from her fun, and there goes the great idea of taking her social dancing in the first place! Also, keep in mind that she doesn’t know what you do and don’t know yourself, so cover up those boo boo’s with a big smile and give yourself a break. When you relax and let go of stressing to remember your dance moves, she will feel that positive energy, and you will most likely start to recall what you forgot in the first place. So keep your chin up and put a big grin on it. It will make for a much more exciting experience for you both!
  2. Slow things down. On a date especially, I recommend impressing her with a slow dance to start. That doesn’t mean a snoozer, but even a mid-tempo dance like the Country Two Step will give you a chance to catch your breath and remind yourself of the steps you know. Of course, this is all provided that you have taken Country Dance Lessons or Latin Dance Lessons in the first place. I should have prefaced this blog by stating that with Private Dance Lessons under your belt, you will get the tools you need to succeed on any dance floor, putting you in a great starting position with your date. So back to my point on starting slow, I do not recommend jumping at that first Swing dance song that comes on, even if she tries to drag you out on the floor, if you’re not ready. Get prepared mentally, then go for it!
  3. Lastly, Keep it simple. I say this to all over my students, and have for the last 20 years that I have taught: Less really is more. I would always rather dance with someone who has a great dance frame and a clean lead over flashy, sloppy dance moves. I’m impressed more with quality over quantity, and a great dancer knows where to start when dancing with someone new, and where not to begin. So, tone it down, keep it simple and start slow. From there, once you know you’re back on track with your confidence and memory, give those faster songs a shot and see how it goes.

Social dancing is an amazing way to spend an evening! (Most) women love to dance, so it’s hard to go wrong with a surprise night out Country, Latin or Swing dancing. And here in Arizona, there are plenty of all three places to go put your skills to the test. But first, do yourself a favor and invest in Private Dance Lessons. In most local dance studios for adults, you can come solo and dance with your instructor. That way, you will be getting direct information on how you lead, making you a great dancer that much faster! At my studio in the Phoenix East Valley, Dance FX Studios, we will give you tips like these on a regular basis so that you can be prepped for any social occasion that may arise. After all, dancing is the key to a woman’s heart! 🙂