What it Takes to be a Great Leader on the Dance Floor

swing dancing in Phoenix, ArizonaCountry dancing, Latin dancing and Swing dancing…they’re all so cool! You’ve been going to local bars, friend’s weddings and out to romantic dinners, and everywhere you go, it seems that knowing how to dance would come in handy. Well it does, especially when it comes to sweeping her off her feet and impressing others!

If you have been wanting to learn to social dance for years but you still haven’t gone out to give it a try, you’re not alone. Many people say it took them years to get the courage to learn to dance. They also say they wish they would have started sooner. Regardless of when you begin, it never too late! With a little effort, you can be a great leader on the dance floor. Here’s what you’ll need to get there…

First, start by taking some time to get educated on how to lead. Remember, no one is born knowing how to partner dance, so with the right information through Private Dance Lessons, you will be golden. If you’re wondering why I’m suggesting Private Dance Lessons (versus Group Classes), you can really only get the details needed to be a great leader when you’re working with a professional directly. An overview in a group setting is just not going to give you what you need to nail it on the dance floor.

With one-on-one Country, Latin or Swing Dance Lessons from your local ballroom dance studio, you will not only learn how to lead, but how to connect with your dance partner. You should also get some fun moves that you can execute with anyone on the dance floor. Knowing how to lead those moves is essential in showing her a good time, so steer clear of fancy choreography, and ask for key moves that you can do with confidence.

Speaking of confidence, that is a key element in you becoming a great leader on any dance floor. Whether you’re Two Stepping or Salsa dancing, you must go out there and essentially “fake it til you make it”. A shy or insecure dancer shows through immediately and one or both of these two things will happen from there. A: She’ll start to lead herself on the dance floor through turns and moves that she wants to do and/or B: She won’t dance with you again. Neither are good endings to what could be avoided if you invest in Private Dance Lessons first.

Lastly, dancers of all levels can always benefit from more practice. Be patient with yourself when you’re first learning to dance. It is intimidating at first, but with time, you will get past the fear and push through to the fun. Take a little time each week to  go out to a Country bar, Latin club or any place with dancing and apply what you’re learning so you can progress to the next level. Learning a new dance or dance step is one thing, but trying it in the real world is entirely different. You will get better with practice, patience and perspective (Rome wasn’t built in a day).

Have fun on your journey into discovering how to be a confident leader on the dance floor! Social ballroom dancing is an incredible way to meet new friends, relieve stress, connect with someone special, and maybe even uncover some hidden talents that you may not know you had. 🙂