Romantic Date Night Ideas

beginner country dance lessons in ArizonaAre you out on another date night having dinner and going Country or Latin dancing? Are you finding that you and your main squeeze are doing what we here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona call the “8th Grade Prom Sway”? Wouldn’t it be cool to actually know how to Two Step or Swing dance? If you find yourself sighing out loud, wishing you both could move around the dance floor with a lot more ease and grace, then its time to give private dance lessons a try!  Or, you can always go for Option B: securing a baby sitter for yet another dinner where the pounds keep piling on.  Couples…don’t give up on your date nights, get out dancing, and have FUN with it, instead!

The majority of people agree dancing is entertaining, exciting and livens up any occasion, but few people realize taking private dance lessons to learn Social Ballroom Dancing, like Salsa dancing or Country dancing, is an excellent option FOR a date night. Dancing has a wide variety of social, emotional and physical benefits. In the case of couples, here are the top three: improved health, increased romance, and learning a hobby that will last a lifetime!

Social Ballroom Dancing is a great way to relieve stress! Why not unwind together after a long week at the office or time spent managing your children’s school and soccer schedules doing something that burns off steam? Country dancing is a blast, and a great way to let go of the weeks stresses.  Or, you can take your lover Tango dancing for a way to re-connect romantically after a busy week. That sounds romantic, right?

Social dancing in general is not just fun and exciting, but it also stimulates your brain by aiding its activity. Amazingly, dancing has been proven to keep your brain healthy, protecting it from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia! Awesome, right? Now how about what dancing does for the rest of your body? Remember the feelings you are having about those extra pounds due to too many “dinner only” date nights? Dancing is great exercise! Try doing an hour of Merengue and Bachata dancing in a Latin club to get your heart rate up. Feel better both mentally and physically by dancing together for the health of it!

Couples dance lessons adds romance to your relationship! Everyone wants more romance in their relationship. Imagine holding your loved one in your arms as you learn to move your bodies to music as one. Head out to a Country bar here in Phoenix for some good ol’ Country Swing dancing and explore the perks of social dancing and connecting with your special someone.

Dancing is the single most romantic way to enhance your relationship as it brings your minds, bodies and spirits together. Imagine a future date night where you take what you have learned in your private Country, Swing or Latin dance lessons out into the real world. What will it be like to feel that social confidence when you hit the dance floor together? Wowing your friends with your cool moves by moving confidently to Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha , Country Two Step, Country Swing and more-how exciting is that!

Now here comes the very best benefit… Learning a life skill that will be used over and over throughout your lives together! Knowing how to be great social dancers means that any place you go; any wedding, high school reunion, work event or social get-together, means you will be having more fun! Why just “show up” when any event you attend can be so much more? Your friends, family and co-workers will surely remember the couple who wowed everyone on the dance floor. With private dance lessons as a couple, you will be choosing a hobby that you both share together and strengthen your relationship as a dynamic duo! What a wonderful investment in your future that will be utilized no matter where the two of you find yourselves!

If your date nights are boring, fattening and/or lacking romance, give social dancing a try to improve your lives together. Maybe private dance lessons for your future dates learning Latin Styles or Country Styles of dancing is just the thing to spice up your relationship now, and far into your future!

Decide you’d rather be getting healthy, adding romance and becoming the couple of your dreams who turns heads while moving around the dance floor and take advantage of Dance FX Studios New Student Offer. Why not be just like that amazing couple in every way? With all the benefits of dancing, you too can be that couple that lives happily ever after!