Get Down With Kelsey At Dance FX Studios!

Arizona ballroom dance instructorsHello! My name is Kelsey. My love for dance has brought me right here to Dance FX Studios as a dance instructor. I could say that dance is my life, which is mostly true, but there are other things I enjoy doing outside of the studio as well. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, especially if it is outdoors. I love to do arts and crafts and I like to be as active as possible – bike riding, hiking, running, and also gardening. I also love to read in my down time, my all-time favorite book series is Harry Potter!

I have danced off and on throughout my life. I started off young in ballet, moved on to other sports and then picked a version of dance back up in middle school where I was a part of the Spiritline team (a mix between pom and cheer). I was immediately hooked and began taking other dance classes to supplement what I was learning at that time. My introduction to social partner dancing was brief in middle school. I learned the very basic components of Foxtrot, Waltz, and a couple of other Ballroom dances. None of them really stuck with me, except for the box step.

In High School I learned how to East Coast Swing dance with some good friends of mine and we went Swing dancing consistently for about a year. Then in college, I took a Latin, Swing, and Ballroom dance class and was INSTANTLY hooked. I ended up competing a couple of times and really learned a ton. I kept trying to broaden my dancing horizon and found an Argentine Tango class. This threw me for a loop because Tango is a unique dance that requires a lot of technique and knowledge of how to follow and lead correctly. I loved the class and it sparked my interest in teaching dance. I do a bunch of other social dances which include Country 2-Step dancing, Zouk, and other Latin dances. I love being able to move with and interpret the music.

Before coming to Dance FX Studios, I worked a couple of other office jobs and was finding that I was becoming increasingly less content. I am a very active person and knew that I wanted to have the ability to be outside or moving consistently. I also wanted to do something that required more of my artistic side, so when I came across the job, I immediately applied! I am excited to be sharing a passion of mine, seeing other people grow and become more comfortable with themselves as well as others, and teach people a skill that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives!

My favorite thing about working at Dance FX Studios has to be the feeling that we are a family here. Not only is the staff warm and welcoming, but all the students are as well! Everyone WANTS to be here. It is definitely a great place to work, especially since everyone is so positive, encouraging, and amicable.

In terms of my favorite dance, I have such a wide range of likes in music and style of dancing that I don’t think I have ONE favorite style to teach. I like the dances that are not genre specific, like  Nite Club 2 Step and Swing. Sure, you can choose to do the other dances to different music, but it just doesn’t necessarily feel right. I like Nite Club 2 Step because it can be molded to have different looks, can be fast or very slow, and has the potential to be a very romantic dance- What girl doesn’t like being swept off her feet?! I like Swing dancing because it is very versatile. It is also a very upbeat dance with lots of character! The dance itself also has a unique connection piece which affords for a lot of different movements.

Three words I would use to describe myself would be optimistic, creative, and listener.

A fun fact about myself is that I enjoy archery and have a recurve bow!