Look No Further for Date Night Ideas…

rsz_1rsz_dsc05572Go ahead and drop off your kids off at their favorite sitter’s house. It’s certainly time to enjoy a night out with just you and your spouse. Take some time out of your busy work day to try some new things together. Need some ideas? We can help you out…

Try going outdoors if you and your spouse are over the whole movie and dinner date idea. Take a walk in a local park or even a botanical garden/zoo. It’s always fun to learn about new things, even if it’s just a few animals and plants.

If you’re not really a nature lover, take your vehicle out to a desert or field at night (hopefully the weather conditions are great) and search for constellations. There are many great stories about the stars that will keep the two of you talking all night long. Now that’s romantic! If you feel like you are more of the athletic type and need something more exciting to do, try taking a hike to a local water hole. That way, at the end of being hot and sweaty you can jump right in the water and splash around. How fun!

Now, if you really want to get creative, you can spice things up and come to Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona for some Salsa, Swing or Country Dance Lessons. The sensual upbeat Salsa will definitely have you two feeling great by the end of the lesson!

There are so many benefits to couple’s dance lessons. Since you will be constantly holding each other throughout the lesson, you will connect in ways that you two have yet to discover. Dancing is a great stress reliever, so if there is any kind of tension from work, or just life in general, you won’t take it out on your spouse because the lessons will melt all of your worries away. It doesn’t matter if one of you thinks the other has two left feet, we always do our best at making everyone feel comfortable who comes into our studio. It doesn’t have to be just Salsa dancing either! We teach a variety of dances that you can use out in a social situation (like your next date night!), and feel great doing it.

After your first few weeks of dance lessons, your instructor is going to want you to get some practice time in. You can definitely turn your “homework” into a great date night. Find a local club, whether it’s a Country bar or Latin club, that you will be able to practice all of the great combinations and moves you learned previously. Try our Country Two Step dance lessons and show off everything you know! You can even combine a lesson and going to a bar to dance as one amazing date night!

Your instructor will be so happy that you went to apply your learning to a real life scenario. As a leader, you will learn how to navigate through the crowd without having other couples (most likely drunk ones) bump into you. Followers (that’s you, ladies) can practice letting go and trusting your partner to guide them. We all know women love to be in charge, but when she has a few drinks and steps on the dance floor, she will want the man to be the leader for the night. That way she won’t have to worry about work, school, the kids, or whatever it is that stresses her out.

Go out for a wine and cheese tasting or any kind of tasting for that matter. A lot of cities like to host tasting events where different restaurants will set up booths with samples of their menus and you and your spouse can experience new flavors. There are food truck festivals. Those are the best because they cook everything right in front of you! Trying new things together can bring the two of you closer together.

If you want to change up your boring date night routine, head over and visit our studio. We would love to show you how great our social dance lessons are with a New Student Offer for Private Dance Lessons. It’s time to get things spiced up for you and your spouse! 🙂