How Bad Leaders Create Bad Followers on the Dance Floor

swing dance lessons ArizonaLet’s face it, when you go out Country Western dancing or Salsa dancing, it’s mostly the blind leading the blind, right? Unless you’ve taken adult dance lessons and you’re going out with friends who have also taken lessons, you’re mostly going to be dancing with others who have no idea what they’re doing. While I absolutely give these people credit for having the courage to “wing it” on the dance floor, there are a multitude of bad habits that are passed on from one untrained dancer to the next. Again, kudos to all that have the confidence to step into the dance floor, but yes, a bad leader on the dance floor can in turn create a bad follower. Here’s how:

  1. What we like to affectionately refer to the “Tug and Pull” is a perfect example of how a poor lead can create a monster on the dance floor. For example: You don’t know how to get her to go from point A to point B on the dance floor, so you “make” her go by ripping her arm out of the socket with one swift yank. She does what you want and all is well, right? Wrong! Now she won’t move until you tug and pull her around the floor, essentially manhandling her. Gentlemen, whether you’re Two Stepping or Swing dancing, a great lead is one that includes finesse and control. Make the investment into some Private Dance Lessons to discover how to get her to move without having to workout at the gym before you go dancing. She’ll soon feel light as a butterfly and you won’t need Advil for those sore muscles the next day.

2. Speaking of not having control on the dance floor, when leaders are all over the place and cannot contain their movements, we ladies tend to get dragged along for the ride, further developing the bad habit of sloppy movements that are not well-executed. Leaders, you can look and feel great to the women you dance with once you focus on my favorite concept on the dance floor which is “less really is more”. Formal instruction will help you to get the right information you need to have a successful night out Latin dancing, Swing dancing or Country dancing.

3. Lastly, and I’m not sure why, but there can be a lot of blaming involved when things don’t go right on the dance floor. People, it’s not easy to partner dance. No one is born knowing how to Tango. It does take time, training and patience. Not taking responsibility if things are not perfect is only going to add to the problem, just like it would in any partnership off the dance floor. So, when you’re learning to dance as a couple, please take responsibility for your part. It is a 50/50 partnership. Guys, take care of and protect your dance partner, and ladies, be kind, patient and please let him lead!

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