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Group Ballroom Dance Classes for Couples in Mesa, AZ

Learning to dance is SUCH a great time. As it urns out, social ballroom dancing has countless benefits from getting into shape to relieving stress to becoming more flexible, and even improving your mental health. These benefits can be enjoyed with any type of ballroom dance, be it Jitterbug, Salsa, or Country Two Step. Perhaps you love dancing and want to enjoy dance lessons but can’t afford to invest in private lessons. Lucky for you, Dance FX Studios in Arizona has group dance classes that are tons of fun, and very affordable!

You can enjoy dancing and its many benefits at an affordable rate with group couple’s classes with us! Our studio is located in Mesa on the corner of Dobson and Guadalupe, just off the 101 freeway, making us accessible and close to Arizonans residing in Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, and more! We offer group classes four nights a week, with Country Two Step on Mondays, Salsa on Tuesday, Country Swing on Wednesdays, and Jitterbug Swing on Thursdays. Each class begins at 7 pm and lasts for an hour.

What makes our group classes different from other group classes is that we specialize in social dancing lessons. Not only do our students learn steps and proper frame, they also learn things that are important for being comfortable and confident on any social dance floor, like how to navigate a busy dance floor, how to connect with your partner, and how to be a great leader or follower. Our group classes are limited in size to ensure that each couple gets personal instruction and pointers. With smaller class sizes, each couple gets the most of the progressive course as possible. Our group classes do require pre-registration because the size is limited, so make sure to schedule as soon as you can. No matter which dance you choose to learn, you will get the benefit of these smaller class sizes and become a great social dancer in no time!

Dance FX Studios’ group class instructors implement a progressive class curriculum, meaning that each week the class will build on the previous week’s instruction and progressively add more to the lessons. The instructors also incorporate new material every month, making sure that couples get the most out of their lessons. In our 4-week progressive classes, you build on your dance moves, combinations, and techniques each week for 4 consecutive weeks with the same group of couples.

If you want to learn Salsa, Two Step, Jitterbug, or Country Swing in our group classes, sign up today! You can get the most out of your lessons with our instructors and the progressive curriculum that the classes follow. If you have questions or are interested in purchasing and registering for the group classes, call us today! The new 4 week set of classes begins the week of May 5th, so call or visit our website today and you will be a confident, capable dancer in no time.


Dance – A NEW New Year’s Resolution

According to several statistics, about 45% of Americans make a resolution to change something about their lives when the New Year rolls around. A slim percent of these Americans stick to the resolutions they make, like losing weight, falling in love, enjoying life to the fullest, learning something new, staying fit and quitting smoking. A lot of the time people who call it quits on keeping a resolution can blame a lack of motivation, attempting change alone, and poor time management for falling through. Whether you realized it or not, social ballroom dance lessons in the Country Two Step, Swing or Salsa dancing can actually support many of the most popular resolutions that we make. In fact, Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ has helped thousands of people discover the fun and satisfaction that dancing is. We can keep you motivated with our enthusiastic instructors and stimulating lesson plans and help you manage time with regular, constructive lessons. Losing weight, enjoying life, learning new skills, staying fit and maybe even falling in love can be done when you join us! With over 12 years of experience in the dance business, we can help you make that resolution obtainable and help you stay on track this year!


#1 Lose Weight/Stay Fit

Dancing is an excellent form of exercise, as we have discussed in our blogs before. But what makes it such a great way to keep a resolution is that it continues to challenge you and keeps you motivated because it’s interesting and enjoyable. If you are not a gym rat or don’t find jogging on sidewalks to be your cup of tea, chances are dance lessons will stimulate your body and your mind, keeping you motivated. Not only will you exercise your muscles and coordination, you will also work your brain. Learning new steps and movements is a great way to get fit and challenge your mind!

#2 Enjoying Life

At Dance FX Studios, we can help you obtain skills that will apply to the “real world” and various social settings. See yourself dancing the Salsa at a wedding in 2014? Shaking your groove thing with the Country Two Step on nights out that you deserve? Dancing the Tango with a Latin lover in a land far away? You can make these dreams come true while enjoying yourself and learning the abilities you will use in these situations. It is a two birds, one stone situation that is sure to add some joy to your life!

#3 Learning New Skills

When you take dance lessons, you will learn so much more than just dance moves. We can teach you how to connect with your partner while dancing, be it a spouse or someone new at a bar or club. You can also learn how to lead or follow and how to navigate a crowded dance floor. The dance moves themselves will prove very rewarding when you get them down and become confident in yourself and your newfound abilities.

#4 Falling in Love

Okay, so we can’t promise that Mr. Right or Mrs. Wonderful will magically appear on the dance floor when you start taking dance lessons, but we can be sure that you will gain new social skills that can help you in your search! You will find yourself more confident and open when you take dance lessons, which will help you to connect and communicate when meeting new people. The ability to dance is something that will stay with you and you can take these new skills to a whole new spectrum of social places. Guys, girls love it when they meet a man who knows how to dance and can show them a good time. It’s not girly, we promise! Ladies, who hasn’t dreamt of literally being swept off their feet to a romantic tune?

With so many great holiday specials right now, including a 5-hour private lesson program for just $199 special and our unique $40 Introductory Offer, there’s no reason a resolution can’t come true and stay true all through 2014! Your dreams for 2014 can be obtainable with our help at Dance FX Studios. A few ways that are known to help in keeping resolutions are to be specific and to be held accountable. We lay out everything for you and regular lessons with our great instructors will help you stick to your plan! Call us today at 480.968.6177, visit our website and check out our specials, or stop in today and set yourself up for a great new year!