Salsa dancing in Phoenix

How to Avoid Rejection on Any Dance Floor

Salsa dancing in PhoenixGuys, wouldn’t it be great if she said “yes!” to every dance? Sure it would! Getting a “No” is never fun, and frankly not even easy for us ladies, most of the time. So how do you get her virtually lining up to dance with you? Well, here are some of my top suggestions for how to avoid rejection on any dance floor.

  1. Smell great! A shower and fresh breath goes a long way. On the flip side, ladies, have you ever been out Salsa dancing and taken a whiff of your partner? He obviously did not prepare for his night of dancing because he smells like he’s not showered in days. How fun is it dancing with him? I’d venture to say “not very”. Now, let’s give this guy a small break and assume that he got sweaty Salsa or Bachata dancing at the Latin club. That does happen. To prevent stinking on top of being wet, using a deodorant for athletes is always a great plan. I personally love a little cologne too, but some girls don’t, or are allergic to it, so be aware of this, men. Conversely, an “un-fresh” breath is completely avoidable. Men, grab some mints or gum to put in your pocket so you don’t end up turning off your dance partners. She will remember you, so make a great impression.
  2. Don’t out-dance her. Men, the social dance floor is not the time to show off-especially when you’re dancing with someone new. Take going out Country dancing, for example. At least here in Arizona, tons of guys fling and swing their partners around like muppets in attempt to make themselves look cool. Here’s an important tip: if this is your first dance together, use this time to make her feel comfortable and safe. Once you know her skill level, try more advanced moves little by little to see how she reacts. That will be your gauge as to how far you can go with your partner on the dance floor. Keep in mind two things, guys, as you go through this process. 1. That you are on a social dance floor. Others are sharing the space with you, so don’t be a floor hog and, 2. Partner dancing is designed to show off your lady. If you are making her feel uncomfortable, she cannot and will not be able to relax and allow you to sweep her off of her feet. If you’ve danced with a controlling follower on the dance floor, re-read what I just wrote to see if this may be why.
  3. Don’t teach her on the dance floor. No one likes know-it-all. Leaders, don’t belittle us by trying to play two roles on the dance floor. Again, keep it simple and dance to her level, but please do not teach her how to do her part. It’s best that she invest in Private Dance Lessons for beginners to learn from us pros.
  4. Listen to the music. Last but not least, pay attention to the beat. If you’re a great Two Step or Swing dancer, and have made an investment in dance lessons for yourself, then you already know the importance of musicality as a part of your dancing experience. If not, dance lessons are perfect for helping you to identify what dance to do to what music, as well as how to stay on time. It is a great feeling when you are on time with the music, and a key piece of the dancing puzzle as a leader, and couple, on the dance floor.

I hope these four tips help to give every man the courage to ask any lady to dance, and to know that by following these guidelines, that she will have a great experience. Social dancing, be it Country Western, Latin or Swing dancing, is an incredible outlet for meeting new friends and relaxing after a long week of work. Make the most out of each dance with these helpful hints. 🙂