Two Stepping With Style!

Phoenix Country Western Two Step DancingYou’ve heard of two step dancing, and you have decided to take a stab at it, since there are many popular places to two step in the area. Wait a minute—there’s more than one type of two step dancing?! Dance FX offers country two step AND nite club two step! How do you know which one to try first? Why are they both different dances with the same name?
Never fear, although both styles of two step are different, they have many similarities, which means they are both labeled as the same style of dance. But we can give you an idea of the differences so you know exactly which style you’re ready to jump in to!
The broad term “two step” merely defines the construction of steps for the basic. These steps are slow and quick according to how many beats of music they use to execute.The combination of ‘slows’ and ‘quicks’ can vary according to which form of two step you’re doing.
Nite Club Two is a slow, quick, quick timing (S,Q,Q) which has a slightly more bolero dance-style-feeling to it and is less likely to be played to country music. Instead, this more romantic version is typically danced to slower music, which carries more passion through the dance moves. Also known as Disco Two Step or California Two Step (if it wasn’t hard enough with only TWO names!) this two step version works along a horizontal line during the basic step.
The country two step, on the other hand, uses a quick, quick, slow, slow (QQSS) count. This is also seen as the more upbeat, lively version of two step. Country two step can be danced to country music, but is not limited to the music genre. The country two step travels more vertically than the nite club two step, and the country version progresses counterclockwise along the dance floor.
So now you can confidently prepare for your two-stepping excursions! You can learn the style that you are most drawn to, and step out on the right foot!