If you’re going to be dragged out on to the dance floor by your lady, learn a few dances that you will actually use.


Country Two Step Your Way into 2013!

With the new year approaching, there are so many reasons to dance! Being that we live in Arizona, Country  is one of those popular dance styles that YOU need to know in the upcoming year. Let’s take a  look at why Country dancing is a must-have in 2013 for everyone…

Country dancing is FUN and EASY!: Who doesn’t want to venture into something that you KNOW you will be able to learn and use in a very short amount of time?! Country dancing, including the Two Step, Swing and Waltz are both exciting AND cool to know! Since there are no sexy hips to master like in Latin dancing, anyone can get out on to a Country dance floor and enjoy the basics with just a few private dance lessons under their belt.

Country dancing in AZ is practical!: Guys…if you’re going to be dragged out on to the dance floor by your lady, learn a few dances that you will actually use here in Arizona. Country bars are everywhere around Phoenix and surrounding cities in AZ, so learn to Two Step and Country Swing dance and your bases will be covered wherever Country music is being played. Even at local weddings, you will find that Country music is common, so why not learn something that will get you out on the dance floor and make you look great!

Ladies LOVE to Country Dance!: As we all know, every woman loves a guy that can dance. Men, learn to Two Step or Country slow dance and see how impressed she will be on your next date night. With all of the spinning and fast and furious moves in the Swing contrasted by the romance in the Country Waltz or the Nite Club 2 Step, a woman will have all of her Country dance needs met with just a little effort on her man’s part. (If you need more arm-twisting, refer to reason #1 as to why you should learn to Country dance.)

So how do you get started with all of the excitement that Country dancing has to offer? Our recommendation is to give us a call here at Dance FX Studios here in Mesa, AZ! We have been the Country dance hub for over a decade when it comes to becoming a confident Country dancer. Learn to Country dance with us and be prepared for ANY social dance event where Country music is being played!

Dance FX Studios is located just off the 101 highway on the border of Tempe, Gilbert and Chandler, AZ just a few miles from Scottsdale and Gold Canyon. We are here to meet all of your social dancing needs from Country dancing to social Latin and Swing dance. Check out our website for more details on how you can be a comfortable social dancer with lessons from us at Dance FX Studios.

Country Dance Night Out at Cactus Moon

What are YOU doing this coming Wednesday night? Join us for a night out with the Dance FX Studios staff at Cactus Moon on Wednesday night! If you would like to practice your Country dancing with the pros, get signed up now for an evening of Country two step, swing, nite club 2 step and more!

Country dancing is so much more fun when you know what you’re doing. Start this Wednesday evening off at Dance FX Studios at 8 pm for a Country swing and two step dance class. Then, head over with our group for two hours of real-world dancing at Cactus Moon in Mesa, Arizona. Dance FX Studios is just 10 minutes from Cactus Moon in Mesa, AZ too so forget about driving far to get out and dance!

With many people already signed up to join us, our first Country dance night is going to be a blast! Here are more details on the specifics:

Country Dance Night at Cactus Moon

Included is: A Country dance class, a drink ticket to the bar (for alcohol or soda) and dancing at Cactus Moon with the Dance FX instructors! Get practical tips for how to dance on a crowded floor, what to do when you don’t know what to do and how to get comfortable on any social dance floor from one of our pros. While our evening ends at 11 pm, our guests can stay with new friends and continue dancing into the night! This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and baby step your way out into new social dance situations.

Fee: $25

You say you don’t Country dance? That’s OK, just sign up now for our Latin dance night on Wednesday, November 28! Dance FX Studios will be hosting our Latin dance night at Dave and Busters in Tempe, AZ on the 28th with the same format as the Latin dance night.

To get prepared for these dance nights as well as Dance FX Studios’ in-house dance events, you can take private Country dance lessons or Country group classes at Dance FX Studios! We are open 6 days a week for your convenience. Learn to dance anywhere with confidence with lessons at Dance FX Studios. If you’re wondering where we are located, you can get to Dance FX Studios in minutes from Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale and Gilbert, Arizona. We are in Mesa, just off the 101 freeway. Give us a call to see what is the best way for you to get started learning to dance today and then join us for our next night out on the town! See YOU on the dance floor!

Country Swing Dancing Near Mesa, AZ

Country swing dancing is all the rage! Ladies, who would want to miss out on being swept off of their feet, sometimes literally, by a true cowboy (or at least one in the making)?!   Guys…you know the ladies love to dance so get on board with the Country swing and see how your social life expands.

If you live in or near Mesa, AZ, places to go Country Swing dancing are plentiful.  Here are some of our favorite spots to share with you to make your first time out Country dancing a success. Keep in mind that it also helps to know how to Country swing prior to going out dancing. More on that later…

1. Toby Keith’s in Mesa, AZ: Toby Keith’s is just minutes from Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Chandler in Mesa, AZ. It is a great place to go and watch the flashy Country swing dancers do their thing. Be warned..things can get a little crazy at Toby’s as the night goes on. Stay on the sidelines for your first few visits to see when and where you can carve out space for yourself on the dance floor. We DO NOT recommend the crazy flips and tricks that you may see some people do on the dance floor at Toby Keiths’-mostly for safety reasons, however you can get an idea of what some of the popular Country dances include. Those dances are mainly Country swing, Country two step, Country cha cha and line dancing, of course.

2. Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ: On Saturday evenings, Dance FX Studios turns into a Country dance club, even including live music on occasion throughout the year. Dance FX is a great place to Country swing dance with others who are learning to Country dance too. Dance FX Studios is located just minutes from Tempe and Chandler so it is also convenient for most Phoenix East Valley residents.

Prior to hitting the town for an evening of Country swing dancing, we suggest taking Country dance lessons. Dance FX Studios is THE place to learn to Country dance in the East Valley of Phoenix. We specialize in teaching you practical dance moves that you can use anywhere, from a bar to a wedding. Try our $40 introductory offer to get started and see for yourself how easy it can be to learn to Country swing dance and more! We serve neighboring cities like Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, Scottsdale and Phoenix in beginner Country dance lessons for couples and singles!  You’ll be ready in no time with Country swing dance classes at Dance FX Studios.