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Treat her like a lady: Three Types of Leaders on the Dance Floor

Ballroom dancing ArizonaDo you love to go out social dancing at your favorite Country bar or Latin dance club here in Phoenix? So do I! What makes dancing that much more exciting is finding a leader that makes us feel beautiful, elegant and sexy, right girls?? It’s so true! Alright guys, it’s time to have a serious chat about how you are treating your lady on the dance floor.  Without fail, I deal with one of these three types of leaders, and I can speak for every woman when I say, we only want to experience one.  It’s really disheartening when a woman goes out to have a fun night out Country, Swing or Latin dancing and gets hit with one of these leaders instead.  It ruins our excitement and makes dancing not only uncomfortable, but sometimes even painful.  Let me explain further…


The Unaware Leader: The first type of leader is unaware of their partner.  What do I mean by this?  I mean this leader knows their steps but is absolutely clueless to the woman in their grasp.  I want to applaud this leader, for know his steps!  However, I want to scold him for not being more aware of how is actions are affecting his partner.  It is his job to make the dance smooth and keep his partner safe. What happens when a leader is unaware?  Let me tell you from personal experience what has happened, and I’ll warn you it is not pretty.  I have been dipped by an unaware leader, and as a result was kicked with a boot (in my jaw might I add) by the couple next me.  I have also been dropped by a leader, and then hit my head on a railing on the way down.  Both were extremely painful experiences, and made me very skeptical about going out dancing again.  It made me a nervous follower, unsure of my ability to trust the people who asked me to dance.  No leader should cause this to happen to a follower, so I beg all leaders out there, please be aware of your partner and know how your actions affect her.  Don’t be the one to blame for injures caused while a woman is under your care.


The Assertive Leader: The second type of leader is the assertive leader.  This person is often too focused on showing off his moves that he becomes forceful. You can often find this type of guy out Country dancing here in AZ. What starts off as a fun ride quickly begins to make the follower feel like a ragdoll being tossed about.  This also results in your follower tensing up and resisting your lead because you scare them!  They have zero control and can’t get their bearings long enough to prep for the next move, as they are being whipped about so fast.  This is terrifying, and again has the ability to lead to disaster.  You are leading a follower, but she is volunteering that access to you.  Be gentle and respectful with it, or you won’t get the luxury again.


The Graceful Leader: Ah, the third type.  He is the graceful leader.  He takes care of his partner and leads her with finesse.  He has style and confidence, and he leads his follower around the floor protecting her from harm.  Realizing she is being vulnerable by accepting his lead, and being mindful about how his movements affect her.  This type of lead is not weak.  He is strong and steady, and this type of lead is the lead every follower longs for.

Gentlemen, treat her like a lady, and if you don’t know how, let us teach you. At Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley, we are here six days out of the week; willing and ready to show you how to sweep her off her feet and keep her out of harm’s way.

Whether you are with a partner or not, begin with Dance FX Studios’ New Student Offer, one hour-long private dance lesson, to get healthy habits from us right from the start. With private dance lessons for beginners, you will learn to be that graceful leader that every woman adores.

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Spice Up Your Week With Dance Lessons!

Arizona dance lessons for couplesHow’s your summer going? If you live here in the Phoenix East Valley with us, it’s almost over! School’s going to be back in session in just 4 short weeks and “normal” life as we know it begins once again. Wouldn’t it be nice to break up the monotony of that same boring schedule: drop off the kids, go to work, pick up the kids, make dinner, take baths and head to bed? If you answered a resounding “YES!”, then boy do we have the perfect new hobby for you…Social dance lessons! 

Have you ever heard of social dancing? It’s the kind of dancing that you would find yourself doing at a wedding, in a bar or at that next holiday work function. Think slow, romantic dancing, steamy Salsa dancing or the excitement of Country dancing! All of these popular dance styles will get the heart racing and endorphins flying! I’m sure that this sounds like a great way to shake up your daily routine and do something for you, right? If that’s the case (and we know it is), let us share just a few of the benefits you will receive through dance lessons, as a single or a couple.

Dancing Adds Romance: While it’s fun to cuddle up together on the couch after a long day, how often does that really happen? Generally, I’m off to bed before I can even think about what my hubby is up to.  When you carve time out of your schedule to give back to each other as a couple, it’s easy to remember how you fell in love in the first place, and why maintaining your connection is so critical. So, set up a private couple’s dance lesson and see how much fun it can be to enjoy each other-kid free- for just an hour here and there throughout the week. Country dancing or Latin dancing, even in your living room, will surely give you something much more rejuvenating to do as a couple , any time of day! Simply holding each other close while moving to your favorite dance tunes is a pretty cool thing for couples!

Dancing Builds Confidence!: It’s so easy to lose confidence at any stage of your life. When you learn to Country dance, Latin dance or Swing dance, you will discover a new found confidence in yourself, not to mention a skill that you can use to relieve stress, gain body strength, and more for years to come. Get out of that rut and uncover a cool hobby that will build up YOU and rejuvenate you so that you can be that much more available for everyone else.

There are sooooo many more reasons to dance, whether you have a busy family schedule or not. Discover social dancing in Arizona for yourself in all of the most popular styles of partner dancing today! Get started with our Introductory Offer for just $25 and let the fun begin! Get rid of the boring routines and fill up your dance card in no time with dance lessons at Dance FX Studios! See YOU on the dance floor!

Discover More About the Cha Cha and Merengue!

In a previous blog, we covered a brief history of the salsa and Argentine tango. Today, we are going to explore a few other popular social Latin dances. Latin dancing is  popular everywhere-especially in the southwest where we are here in Arizona. From Latin clubs to private parties, knowing how to Latin dance will come in handy! Get inspired to hit the dance floor and shake those hips because ANYONE can become a great Latin dancer-even YOU!

Let us begin with the Cha Cha, a vibrant, flamboyant and playful Latin dance. The carefree and lively feel of the Cha Cha gives it a unique sense of fun for dancers all over the world.

The Cha Cha is an interpretive social dance, born from the fusion of progressive American and Latin music. The initial purpose of learning this dance was for weight change. Originally known as the Cha-Cha-Cha, it became popular in the 1950’s and was a spin-off of the Mambo. Eventually it evolved into a separate dance, known today as the Cha Cha.

The Cha Cha was immensely popular from the beginning and is a dance that has never gone out of style. It is a constant favorite at weddings because of its versatility with many genres of music. In fact, the Cha Cha can be done to Country dance music, oldies and Hip Hop, in addition to Latin styles. This dance is very easy to learn, and, once you have the basic pattern down, can be done in a crowded room or a wide open space. For social dancing, this is a plus as you can dance the Cha Cha anywhere with ease.

To this day, the Cha Cha has remained one of the most popular partner dances. Less sensual than the Mambo and less erotic than the Bolero, it is exciting and fun to dance. Everybody loves the Cha Cha!

Next, let us tell you about the Merengue. Whenever someone pulls out their hot Latino tunes and starts playing the Merengue, there’s a party! What’s great about the Merengue is that it is based on simple marching steps. There’s an old saying: “If you can walk, you can dance the Merengue.”

The Merengue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic, and also to some extent, of Haiti. It has been around since the early years of the Dominican Republic (in Haiti, a similar dance is called the Meringue). It is very likely that the dance took its name from the confection made of sugar and egg whites due to the light and bubbly character of the dance or because of its short, precise rhythms.

By the middle of the nineteenth century, the Merengue became quite popular in the Dominican Republic. It was used for every dancing occasion in the Republic and is vastly prevalent throughout the Caribbean and South American. It is one of the standard Latin American dances.

There is a lot of variety in Merengue music and tempos can vary a great deal. The Dominicans prefer a sharp quickening with the pace towards the end of the dance. The favorite routine at the clubs is a slow Bolero, which then breaks into a Merengue, and then becomes similar to a fast Jive towards the end. The ballroom version of the Merengue is slower and has a modified hip action.

The Merengue was introduced in the United States around the New York area. It increased in popularity in the U. S. and the rest of the world with its peak years occurring between the 1970s and the turn of the twenty-first century. It had a lot of competition with other Latin dances, but eventually won a foothold in the club scene. Ideally suited to small, crowded dance floors, it is a dance that is easy to learn and really fun for all!

There are so many exciting and popular social ballroom dances to discover. See upcoming blogs, and even previous blogs, on Dance FX Studios’ website to learn about the history of the Swing, Country two step and more. To get started learning these popular dances today, so that you can join in on the fun tomorrow, try out our introductory offer for just $40! You will soon see how dancing really is FUN and EASY to learn and enjoy. Become a confident social dancer after a few private dance lessons and see how many doors will open for you. Dance FX Studios is located in Mesa, Arizona in the Phoenix East Valley, just off the 101 highway for your convenience.

Top Three Most Useful Dances in Arizona

Get ready to have some fun with dance lessons in three of the most popular social dances in Arizona! “What are those dances that no AZ resident should live without?”, you may ask. Three must-have dances for couples or singles who live in Arizona include: Salsa, Swing and the Country Two Step. Yes, it’s true, gone are the days where ballroom dancing, like the Foxtrot or Waltz are in style simply because they can make you feel elegant or debonaire. Today, social dancing is all about having fun, fitting in with the local cultures and enjoying what you know by taking it to parties, weddings or even on cruises! Let’s explore these three key social dances and why YOU should learn them to have a great time dancing anywhere in Arizona.

1. Salsa Dancing: Because we live in the southwest, Latin influence is prevalent in more than just the food in Arizona. Salsa dance lessons are a great way to burn off those yummy tapas and enjoy a sexy and passionate hobby! Along with Salsa dancing in AZ, you must learn to dance Bachata, Merengue and Cha Cha for the full Latin effect. Then, you will be prepared for any Latin club with confidence.

Latin dance lessons are great for couples to spice up the romance, but singles, do not shy away from learn to Latin dance. Salsa, and the other Latin dances mentioned above, are not only a great workout, but they are amazing for exploring a different side of your personality. There is an inner diva or Latin lover in there somewhere just waiting to come out. Give yourself a chance to get those hips moving the right way and watch your confidence, and social calendar, improve by the minute!

2. Swing Dancing: Swing dancing in Phoenix, AZ is another must-have dance. What we love about the swing is its versatility. Learn to Swing dance and enjoy all fast-paced music in style from Country to Rock and Roll, Big Band and other classic and fun oldies. After a few Swing dance lessons, you will be able to hit any dance floor with fun and impressive turns that will keep you on the dance floor all night long.

As if you needed more reasons to learn to Swing dance, keep in mind that you can burn over 400 calories an hour while Swing dancing. It is a high-energy aerobic blast that will keep you smiling as your endorphins soar. Give yourself a boost of energy and excitement with Swing dance lessons.

3. Country Two Step Dancing: Need we say more? In the land of the cowboy here in Arizona, Country Two Stepping is essential to know if you plan to wrangle the cowgirl of your dreams. Country dance venues are popping up on every corner around in the Phoenix metro area, so no need to wait on this fun and popular dance with Country dance lessons today. (By the way, check out Spurs Saloon in Chandler, a new Country dance bar that recently opened. They offer a nice dance floor and live music for your Country dance pleasures.)

If you haven’t learned to Salsa, Swing or Two Step in AZ yet, it’s never too late. For dance lessons as a couple or a single in any of these popular dances and more, give Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona a try. We offer both group dance classes and private dance lessons to Phoenix adults who want to learn to dance. For the last 12 years, we have created thousands of amazing social dancers– you can be next!  Conveniently, we are located just off the 101 highway minutes from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ. Make the drive and come check us out, you’ll be happy that you did!