Country dancing Tempe Arizona

Stand Tall! Posture Matters.

Country dancing near Tempe ArizonaIn social partner dancing, great posture is everything! When attempting to connect with another person, it’s important to realize that how you hold yourself affects her, and vice versa. With nice posture, you’ll have so many more opportunities on the dance floor that an untrained or unaware dancer might not have. Here are a few ways that your perfect posture will aid you in becoming a confident social dancer.

  1. You’ll be a better leader! By sending clearer signals to your dance partner because you are holding yourself upright, you will be a better leader than most, right off the bat. How nice is that!? Of course, you could go out Country dancing and fling your lady around the floor like I see so many guys do out here in the Arizona Country bars, OR you can stand up tall and really take command as a leader with finesse. Less really can be more! You see, standing up allows you to send very clear and direct signals through your dance frame from you to her. In fact, without standing up straight, you can never ultimately be a great lead, since she will constantly be confused about your intentions. This is not the kind of leader that you want to be, right?
  2. Your balance will improve. With great posture, you will be more in control of your balance, once again making you a better lead or follow on the dance floor. Good balance means that you can be more efficient in your movement and in charge of your awesome dancing experience. Balance is key in turning as well, and who doesn’t love to turn while Salsa, Swing or Two Step dancing?
  3. You’ll lower your risk or shoulder, neck and back injuries. When you pull your shoulders back and tuck in your tailbone, you’ll be properly erect and ready to go, avoiding a chance of injury by holding your body “like a dancer”. A wonderful exercise for beginner social dancers who want to reduce risk of injury is to lean against a wall and bend your knees slightly. Keeping your back flat against the wall, from your shoulders to tailbone, is your focus. From there, try to stay that straight as you step away from the wall, and see if you can maintain that position. That is the posture that you will need for each one of your dances. The key is not to look like a “ballroom” dancer, but to simply hold yourself well so that you can stay safe and have fun dancing. Hunching over is never ideal and will put you in her dance space, which will cause unwanted aches and pains.

Whether you’re Country Western dancing or Salsa dancing, posture is important. With Private Dance Lessons in these and other popular social dances, you will learn how to hold yourself and your partner to enjoy social dancing to the fullest.

If you live here in Phoenix, Arizona with us, stop by and sign up for an Introductory Dance Lesson to discover the fun of social dancing! We will get you started with healthy habits to make you a confident and comfortable social dancer before you know it!