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Wedding Dance Lessons for Arizona Brides and Grooms

wedding dance lessons in ArizonaIs your wedding just months away? Then now is the time to begin spending time on the best part of your big day: your first dance! Now, it may seem daunting when you think of “performing” in front of grandma, your boss and even your best buddies, but imagine how much more excited your guests will be when you WOW them with a special dance that is NOT the 8th grade prom sway. No one could have expected that you would actually take the time to learn the most important dance of your life, but you did and it has really paid off! Now your wedding dance is the one thing that your friends and family won’t stop talking about. Who knew?

There are so many options now that you are ready to begin your journey into dance for your wedding day. When it comes to the perfect first dance for you and your sweetie, there are a few things to keep in mind…

1. Start With The Song: To really be inspired to learn to dance and to give your first dance your all, pick a few songs that really mean something to you. Do you like Country music, Big Band, Rock and Roll? What type of music speaks to you? A song that inspires you will show through in your dance and help you to give the best show possible for your guests.

2. Find A Local Dance Studio: There’s no need on your end to try and determine what dance style, be it Country Western or Salsa, that may fit with your song options because you can bring your song choices to a Wedding Dance Consultation at a nearby dance studio. A professional dance instructor will help guide you through which dance songs are best and what dances are good for the vision you have for your first dance. (East Valley Phoenix residents can come visit us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ. :))

3. Start Earlier Than You Think You Should: Make sure to set up a consultation at least 3-4 months prior to your wedding so that you can really begin honing in on your dancing skills and getting rid of the jitters before you have to hit the dance floor on your wedding day. Social partner dancing is new to most adults who have never taken ballroom dance lessons before and, since no one is born knowing how to dance, it can take a little time to master. Most brides and grooms want to look as natural as possible so planning and plenty of practice time is a must!

Say goodbye to the prom sway and hello to the dance of your dreams with wedding dance lessons from us at Dance FX Studios. We would love to help you Swing dance with the best of them, or put on a tantalizing Tango dance number in one of our Rock Your Reception dances! Or, we can go subtle and elegant in your first dance with a Foxtrot to your favorite Sinatra tune. Either way, you will look spectacular on the dance floor with help from us! To set up your wedding dance consultation, contact us by phone or email. We are thrilled to be a part of your big day!