AZ Latin dance instructors

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Arizona Latin dance instructorsOriginally from Cuba, Alvaro has graced Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona with his enthusiasm and love of dance. Three words to describe him are: curious, dynamic, and lighthearted.

At a young age, Alvaro began to dance. “My parents began to teach me how to dance when I was four. When I was five, in kindergarten, I was in a dance group doing traditional mambo, cha-cha, danzon, pilon, salsa, and cumbia. After I turned fourteen, I began to learn Waltz so I could be a ‘professional’ dancer at quinceañeras (fifteenth birthday parties specifically for girls) and continued to do that for five years. I also used to choreograph dances during this time for quineañeras. Throughout my time as a dancer, I got a taste of many different dances. After that, I just kept dancing. I love salsa the most. In Cuba, it is one of the most popular dances.”

Overall, Alvaro loves to dance with a partner. He values creativeness and enjoys making new moves. At Dance FX Studios, he has found many nice people and whenever he comes to work, he is happy every day. He likes to see how everyone wants to learn to dance here. “It is the best place in the Phoenix valley to teach social dancing.”

“Me gusta el baile social, me parece divertido tener el papel de líder. Me encanta hacer nuevos movimientos y mezclarlos espontáneamente, lo que muestra mi creatividad. En este lugar estoy rodeado de buenas y agradables lo cual me hace me hace feliz venir cada día y dar lo mejor de mi. Me gusta ver como todos pueden aprender a bailar con facilidad, y me fascina dedicarles todos mi empeño para que luzcan mejor en la lista de baile. Es el único lugar en el Valle que enseña baile social, pienso que es una gran oportunidad venir y llevarse consigo esta gran experiencia. Me encanta el ambiente de alegría que hay en Dance FX Studios, sobre todo los estudiantes que vienen con dinamismo y creatividad emocionados para cada clase. Todos los miembros del equipo de trabajadores son muy amigables y todos nos llevamos bien, hacemos un grupo de trabajo muy divertido. Aquí aprendo como enseñar pero también aprendo muchas cosas nueves sobre baile, me ayuda a crecer un poco mas en mi carrera como bailarín y coreógrafo .”

For Alvaro, curiosity didn’t kill the cat… it motivated him. He loves to learn, whether it is directly related to him (dance, music, culture), or related to those around him (personalities, likes, how to make people laugh). Due to his curiosity and ability to quickly pick up new skills, the word that best describes him next is fast. Not only is he a fast learner, but he also makes friends quickly because he is able to see similarities with everyone! Lastly, “dynamic” rounds out Alvaro because it encapsulates him well. The definition of dynamic is: characterized by constant change, activity or progress.

Even though Alvaro absolutely LOVES dancing, he does have a few hobbies on the side which include, playing guitar, watching soccer games, roller blading, spending time with family, and playing some sports!

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