a couple country dancing

Relieve Stress in the New Year

a couple country dancing in ArizonaA less stressful year. What a wonderful New Year’s Resolution for 2015! Between kids, that mound of work piling up on your desk and the fact that you haven’t seen the inside of a gym in five years, finding ways to relieve stress in 2015 is probably quite important, dare we say essential, at this point in your life. Finding time for you always seems to be the problem with so much on your plate, right? Well, you’re not alone. Plenty of men and women are in the same boat, and are looking for ways to let go of the unwanted tension that life can bring when we have so much going on.

If you’re seeking a new way to lighten your load in the upcoming year, consider learning to ballroom dance. Now just to clarify, when we say “ballroom”, we mean any dance that you can share with a partner, from Swing to Salsa and Tango to Two Step. It really doesn’t matter which style you choose as long as you get out and let loose. How will dancing lift what seems like the weight of the world from your shoulders? Let’s see…


1. Dancing releases endorphins: As you may know, when your body releases endorphins from any form of physical exercise, you can’t help but be put in a better mood. It is literally physically impossible to be in a bad mood with this output. That’s why working out, or dancing, can give that much needed extra burst of energy after a long day. Don’t you deserve that after all you do for everyone else?

Now, you can choose to go get that gym membership that you’ve been putting off, or you can dance your way into a happier you. Think of how much more fun it would be to learn to Country Two Step with your friends, or your significant other, in 2015! Dancing is not only a great workout and source of entertainment, but you can burn off a lot of steam enjoying a night of Country music and Country dancing.

2. Dancing allows for social connections to develop: Speaking of enjoying time out dancing, when you have a social skill like knowing how to Swing dance or dance the Argentine Tango, you can explore local dance venues that attract others with the same interest as you. Social ballroom dancing is a fantastic way to meet new friends, lovers, and members of the community. What better way to brighten your day than to make new connections with others. Curb life’s pressures with dancing and enjoy a new hobby that can be used at weddings, holiday parties, dance venues and so many other places that you will find yourself in at one point or another. Few people can dance well, so you will be a magnet in a positive way with the ability of knowing how to ballroom dance.

3. You must focus while learning to dance: Since dancing is a skill, the process of learning to become proficient at it means that you have to concentrate as you learn. This may seem like work, however redirecting your energy into learning to ballroom dance will help you to let go of other situations or circumstances in life, like that project that is due at work in two days that you have yet to start. Learning to dance is a fun and rewarding process, especially once you gain the know-how to do it well.

Improve your social life, shake that unwanted anxiety and enjoy life more with ballroom dance lessons in 2015. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, come learn social ballroom dancing with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. We will give you the confidence and tools needed to enjoy all of the benefits that dancing has to offer. Get started with our New Student Offer and transform yourself in 2015 to a more relaxed and peaceful you.