An older couple dancing together

Spice up Your Summer With Couple’s Dance Lessons

swing dance lessons near Chandler ArizonaAre you ending up on the couch after a hot and taxing week at work? Is your weekend filled with Netflix and lazy nights under the cool a/c? Don’t let yourself, or your relationship, go as things heat up. Instead, put a little pep in your step with adult dance lessons!

Now you can beat the heat this summer and keep the sizzle going in your relationship by exploring exciting social dances like Country two step, salsa, and swing dancing. Or, if you’re really looking to ignite the flame, throw in some Argentine tango dancing in the mix as you dance your way through the summer months. Now there’s dance that will bring out the passion!

Dance lessons for couples encourage romance, playful interaction and teamwork, three things that would benefit any twosome! Yes, snuggling up to a movie on your home theatre is also sweet, but when you combine the physicality of dance with the opportunity to move as one and hold each other close, there’s really nothing better.

In fact, beginner’s dance lessons now will provide endless chances to connect with your sweetie for years to come, regardless of the time of year. On that note, dance lessons will not only keep you active during warm days, but will prepare you for upcoming events in the fall and winter, like your best friend’s wedding, or that holiday party that you dread going to each year (because you never knew how to dance).

If you’re still in doubt as to whether taking Country or Swing dance lessons this summer will benefit you both, consider the bigger picture. Many couple’s do not carve out time in their busy schedules for a hobby together. He may golf while she is in a book club, but what do they do to get away from the kids, work and life’s stresses? Dancing will build your confidence and trust in each other and give you something different to do on date nights, after the kids go to bed, or whenever you’re in the mood to dance.

If you live here in Phoenix, Arizona along with me, give Dance FX Studios in the East Valley a call to get started learning to dance. Find our how we teach, what makes us unique and how we can make your summer on 2016 the best one yet!