All The Reasons You’ll Love Swing Dancing!

swing dance lessons near mePeople all over the world are beginning to see the many benefits of social ballroom dancing (think Salsa, Swing and Country Two Step),  and are starting to take up adult dance lessons in their local areas. In this day and age of information, it’s easy to find a dance studio near you, but which dance to start exploring first can feel overwhelming.

Maybe you love Country music and oldies, Reggae and 80’s tunes. That’s OK.  Swing dancing covers all of these genres and more. That’s just one reason why you should absolutely love this dance! Let’s take a look back and see where this amazing dance came from, and how it evolved to be so amazing today.

Swing dancing can be traced back to almost 100 years ago in Harlem, New York. From the early years of the prohibition, to the very inception of the internet, to today, Swing dancing has lasted for generations, and hasn’t lost any popularity among the youth.  You could be at a bar or at a wedding, hear a few seconds of Frank Sinatra, and can’t help but tap those feet and get moving out of your seat.  Music from the Swing era is loved by many people, transcending years of cultural change. In fact, people from all over the world listen to American music from the 1920’s through the ’50s,further spreading the love for Swing dancing world-wide.

For some of us, social ballroom dancing can feel intimidating at times. If you are shy, Swing dancing can be a wonderful opportunity for you to sharpen your people skills, make new friends and come out of your shell. You see, dancing is a language that doesn’t require words, so it can be easier for some, once you know how to speak it. It’s incredible that dancing offers an unspoken connection between two people-even if they don’t come from the same country.

Another reason for you to love this amazing dance is that you can pretty much Swing dance anywhere in the world. For instance, the European Swing Dance Championships, founded in 2011, is held annually in different European cities. In 2011 and 2012 it was held in Barcelona, Spain. Swing dancers from all over the world attend and compete in the dance contests, or take part in workshops taught by top international instructors. It doesn’t matter where you’re from; Swing dancing is truly a global hobby that is enjoyed by all.

By far one of my favorite things about Swing dancing is that dancing offers an incredible cardio workout that doesn’t require a machine. I’ve done extensive research about the many health benefits that comes along with social ballroom dancing, but I can never seem to list all the benefits in a single post simply because there are SO many! Sure you could go to the gym and run in one place on the treadmill while watching some terribly depressing story on the news, but wouldn’t you rather dance? I know I would! Dancing around to old-school music, and getting a workout at the same time?! I can’t think of a better way to stay fit.

I could literally spend all day here writing down the great benefits that come along with learning how to dance, especially Swing dance. Or…you can come in to Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona (if you happen to live here in Phoenix) and find out for yourself why more and more people are taking adult dance lessons here with us. Together, we’ll transform you into an amazing and confident social dancer in no time!