Phoenix ballroom dance

Do You Know Taylor?

Phoenix ballroom dance instructorsHi there! My names is Taylor and I am one of the instructors here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. I absolutely LOVE what I do and just wanted to share a little bit about myself, so below I’ve attached a small questionnaire…
Q: What is your background in dance?

A:I have been dancing since my feet could carry me across the floor. Starting at the young age of four, my mom enrolled me in our family friends’ dance studio and thus began my addiction to rhythm. Whether it be cooking my breakfast in the morning or taking notes in school, I have never possesed the ability to keep my feet still! Along with dance, I delved into cheerleading and gymnastics as well. I love the feeling of being able to send my body through the air and stick the landing to an intricate flip combo.

After spending many years of taking both gymnastics and dance separately, I grew curious as to if I could combine the aspects of each sport that I loved into one hobby and I eventually found that with hip hop/break dancing. Through my new found love, I was presented with incredible opportunities at a very young age such as being able to work with Tabitha and Napoleon Du’mo (two Emmy Award winning choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance).

Q: Why Dance FX Studios?

A: I coached competitive cheerleading and gymnastics for years – which, don’t get me wrong, I loved- but it was a very high pressure industry. I love being able to teach a skill so close to my heart in a way that is fun and usable in the real world. Here, I teach not just a foot pattern that leaves you after a handful of months, but rather an education in dance that holds its value for a life time. It doesn’t ever leave you or spoil. The uplifting environment and homey atmosphere was something that attracted me to the studio from the beginning.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Dance FX Studios?

A: I am a self proclaimed hippie. I love change in environment and am easily bored by routine. Being a social dance instructor, I encounter every type of person there is. I continuously find myself learning from my students. I love getting to know people and finding out their stories as to why they’ve chosen to come to me for this skill at this point in their life. Other people I encounter in life inspire me and here at Dance FX Studios’, my students provide that inspiration. And hopefully they leave me changed for the better as well.

Q: What is your favorite dance to teach and why?

A: That would definitely have to be the Country two step. This dance holds a special place in my heart because most of my family is made up of ranchers. No matter the family event, whether it be a wedding, reunion, etc., the night usually ends with all of us two step dancing. The tapping of me feet brings me acute nostalgia for my days spent on my cousin’s ranches and it is my goal whenever teaching it to create the same endearment towards the dance that I have. Country Two Step is nothing short of a blast once you hit the dance floor with its upbeat and high energy feel.

Name three words that best describe you.

A:That’s s tough one! I’ll go with interested, artsy, and passionate. Interested, because I crave knowledge and insight into all that surrounds me. The universe is a vast, intriguing place that we know so little about! Who wouldn’t want to know more about their home? I try to be a sponge and just absorb as much information that anyone or anything is willing to offer me. Artsy, because I have a firm belief that self-expression is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle. Honestly, could you imagine how boring life would be without art? I like to find the beauty in everyday boring little things like the cracks in the walls, so therefore everything has the potential to be art in my opinion. Passionate, because I commit myself fully to anything I take an interest in. If something is fascinating enough to grab and maintain my attention I want to give it my all, whether it be a person, cause, or art. I’m a dedicated person, so I refuse to ever do anything at half effort.

Q: Fun Facts?

A: I am half Cherokee Native American and can write in my native language, however I am still working on pronunciation. Let me see, I’ve owned various unique pets in my lifetime, including a hummingbird and dingo that we rescued (perhaps that is my native american half kicking in). I am relatively eccentric, if I could I would live in a forest with flowers in my hair and barefoot (I strongly dislike the sensation of shoes. They make me feel disconnected from the earth), I would.

Well there you have it! I hope you enjoyed taking a look into who I am as a person and I hope to see you here in our Studio for a face-to-face introduction soon!

P.S. I love working with beginner dancers, so please come take advantage of our New Student Offer so that I get a chance to meet you!