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Becoming a Dancer Will Change Your Life

Couple in Arizona Two SteppingToday one of our instructors began his lunch time conversation with “Let me tell you what dancing is doing to my life”!  John is a very animated and happy person and he LOVES DANCING. However lately he is finding that dancing is affecting his life in new ways! John shared that he is now mumbling the names to dance steps when he is dance-navigating between people in restaurants or unexpectedly dancing during his daily routine. “I’m holding my steering wheel, safely while on empty roads, in a dance frame,” even turning the wheel like he’d turn a partner in a Country Swing move.  He is mock complaining because all of us know these life events make him happy. We also understand because we all share his passion about dance.

There is a long list of students who feel the same way. Ask some of our students how dancing has changed their lives and they will tell you. Being a student of dance helps you to walk taller, exude a sense of style, become charming, improve coordination and balance… and there is an air of grace may be noticed when the person is walking or talking. Funny enough, one of our advanced students was caught on video surveillance tape at his work dancing down the aisles! The store, which is a large corporation, actually found his performance so admirable they posted it on the company website!  Proving that not only that the company has happy employees and is great place to work, but that dancing is infectious!

Naomi, another one of our Dance FX Studios’ instructors, shared the following with me, “My body is my instrument. When you dance, you are more confident because you are aware of your entire body. In turn, body awareness makes you more aware of other people’s bodies. Noticing everything about another person makes you care more for others too. People live like they are floating heads. That’s why everyone is stressed and thinking all the time, because they only live in their heads. When you are aware of your full body and how your legs carry you, you take bigger steps; you trust the strength of your body. Dancers have less stress because we have moved out of our heads and into our whole person.”

Whether you discover the Swing, Argentine Tango or Country Two Step, dancing aides in body awareness and will increase your sense of assurance, and who couldn’t use a little more of that? How about a more active social life? It stands to reason that learning to social dance makes your more social! Who wants something to do on a Friday and Saturday night? How many times have you turned down an offer from a colleague at work to go to a club because you know there will be dancing and you don’t know how to dance? Stop saying no and start saying yes by signing up for private dance lessons today!

No matter what your profession or what you do in your daily life, if change is what you are seeking, add dancing to your bucket list for ways to create positive change in your life. If you prefer Country music, try Country Dancing! If passion and hip movements sound like your thing, try Latin styles of dancing! Maybe Big Band sounds and Swing would do it for you? The point is: pick a style of dance and try it! Dance FX Studios offers a wonderful New Student Offer to get started in an investment in new skill, just for you, along with the start of making change for the goal of creating your HAPPY LIFE!

Try a new experience: dancing. Learn how to social dance at Dance FX Studios by booking a private dance lesson. We are located inside the greater Phoenix area, in Mesa, AZ. Our dance studio is in the East Valley and we are minutes away from Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, or Gilbert and downtown Phoenix.  We are open 12 – 8 pm Monday through Friday and on Saturday’s from 11 am to 4 pm. Our address is: 1859 W. Guadalupe Road, Mesa, AZ 85202. Now what are you waiting for? Let’s dance!

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Beat the Arizona Summer Heat on the Dance Floor

social ballroom dancing in ArizonaA friend living on the East Coast yesterday said she was looking at snow and waiting for Spring to show up. I told her that if she were here with us in Phoenix, Arizona, she would feel like she was skipping Spring and heading straight into Summer!  Our hot summer is upon us (even though we’re only in April), but don’t put your workout routine on the back burner just because it feels too hot to exercise.  I love being outdoors for exercise whenever possible, but exercising in an air-conditioned gym or house is the best way to keep cool. For the best Summer workout, come join us at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley and see how you can Swing, Salsa and Two Step dance your way into that bikini body. No more boring trips to the gym for you! Mix up your workout routine and dance your way into a healthier you!

While the majority of Americans are starting to head outside and get their bodies moving, here in Arizona we have the tendency to retreat indoors just like we do during the cold winter months. This means reduced social interaction, lack of exercise, gloomy moods and, like the wintertime for most Americans, we become sedentary and pack on pounds.  Here are some excellent reasons to take up dancing as a new hobby and beat the Arizona heat…

Wear your sexy Summer clothing! Put on your strappy heals, that little black dress, those Cowboy boots, your linen shirt and skinny jeans! That’s right, since it is air-conditioned inside our dance studio, all of those wonderful Summer clothes that are too hot to wear outside, won’t go to waste. The same Summer clothing that will only get tight if you don’t move that body, can be worn on your private dance lessons as you discover the fun and excitement of Latin dancing, Swing dancing and Country Western dancing. Whether you are single or you have a partner – dress up for your dance lessons and practice your dance moves till the sun goes down! Then head out to dinner, and go Country or Salsa dancing, right here in Phoenix!

Increase your social circle by meeting new people! What better way to meet new people than by learning to be a great social dancer! Learn Salsa and hit the Latin clubs, make new friends and expand your social circle.  Explore Country Swing dancing and become a regular at cool and popular events like Country Thunder. Learn a slow, romantic dance and go anywhere: a casino, wedding, jazz club or work function, and be prepared to shine. Think about all the new experiences you will have because you took Private Dance Lessons. Develop a skill you can use over and over again, throughout your life, just about anywhere!

Use dancing as your primary form of exercise!  Social dancing gets you to to the right target heart rate for burning fat. Vigorous, prolonged dancing, when your heart rate goes up, equals cardiorespiratory fitness, one of the few ways to keep colon cancer at bay. Frequent dancing has also proved to have the greatest benefit for warding off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, while many other summer activities like biking, golfing and swimming had zero effect on cognitive and mental acuity. Wow! It’s amazing how doing something so much fun like Salsa dancing, Swing dancing, and Tango dancing can have so many physical benefits.

Now stop and ask yourself, are you prepared to beat the heat this Summer? Are you going to slim down, have fun and meet new people when it’s 120 degrees outside?  The answer is YES! Yes you are … because you can take advantage of Dance FX Studios’ New Student Offer right now by calling 480-968-6177! For only $25, you will get a 50-minute Private Dance Lesson that will start you on your dancing journey today!

Dance FX Studios also offers: Group Courses, Semi-Private Dance Instruction, Wedding Dance Lessons, Corporate Team-Building Dance Classes and more! Visit our website for more information about the dances we offer and more about a studio that has been teaching people how to dance socially for almost 15 years! We are conveniently located at 1859 W. Guadalupe Road, #105, Mesa, Arizona on the corner of Dobson and Guadalupe, minutes from Tempe and Chandler, AZ.

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The Top 3 Reasons to Say YES to Dancing!

Country Two Step dancing in ArizonaSocial ballroom dancing has a plethora of benefits, many of which are pretty clear. The first and most obvious reasons why everyone should know how to social dance (think Country Two Step, Swing and Salsa dancing) is that it will get you off of that chair you are sitting on and into a large, colorful room with other people that are having fun!  Increasing fun in your life is a great reason to dance. Many of the benefits of dancing have been mentioned in previous blog entries, but just in case you missed them, here are three super good reasons to take advantage of our New Student Offer for a Beginner’s Dance Lesson and begin your dancing journey today!

Slow Down Aging!  A 21-year study of people age 75 and older conducted by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City found that dancing proved to have the greatest benefit for warding off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  While many activities like biking, golfing and swimming had zero effect on cognitive and mental acuity, frequent dancing was the top exercise with significant beneficial effect for protection! Dancing also out-scored the more prescribed cognitive activities such as doing crossword puzzles and reading books.  That’s right, moving your body around a dance floor or letting us at Dance FX Studios teach you ballroom dancing, Country Swing or the Arizona Two Step will do more for fending off the effects of brain aging than two of the top Arizona recreations: golf and swimming!

Learning to dance greatly improves one’s self-confidence!  Dance instruction helps you to walk taller and exude a style, charm and grace you often see in other dancers. Whether you try the Argentine Tango or the Two Step, dancing aides in body awareness and will increase your sense of assurance. Who couldn’t use a little more of that? Studies have shown people with high self-confidence perform better in sales, team sports and dating too!  Having a creative outlet like social ballroom dancing is perfect for developing self-expression and personal style which are two attributes of self-confidence! Investigate your artistic side, reveal your inner visionary and improve your work stats by learning to dance Latin, Swing, Country Western or Argentine Tango.

Dancing adds a new dimension to communal and individual relationships!  A study performed in Northern Ireland, Blackpool and Sacramento, California in the U.S. by Jonathan Skinner, a lecturer in Social Anthropology found that tensions between neighborhoods were alleviated through dancing. Where friction within communities was a problem, Dr. Skinner found that “social dancing leads to a continued engagement with life – past, present, and future” and that social dancing provides the opportunity to enjoy life together and create tolerance between each other. Quite the opposite outcome of the dancing gangs we viewed in film Westside Story!  Picking a dance style to learn like Salsa, Country or Ballroom is an ideal way to connect with others who also love to dance. Dancing is also the perfect way to meet and interact with people outside your social circle because it is a tool used in various social functions. Knowing how to dance provides an avenue for meeting people, including forming strong relationships based on mutual interests.

Start with our Introductory Offer for personalized instruction and be put on the fast track to being a confident social dancer. Through one-on-one dance instruction your confidence will soar, your mental agility will stay fit and knowing how to do the Waltz, the Foxtrot, Cha-cha, Argentine Tango,  Arizona Two-Stop or Nite Club 2 Step will prepare you for any social dance opportunity that comes your way! Get off the couch and start learning a new hobby that will grace your life with more benefits than you can imagine for years to come!

Come visit or call us Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. Our direct line is 480.968.6177. Our neighboring cities include Gilbert, Scottsdale, Tempe and Chandler, AZ.  To secure an appointment with us for a Private Dance Lesson or Group Lesson, do not wait until the last minute, call or email us now at [email protected]. We look forward to improving your life through dance.

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Putting Your Best Foot Forward…

Arizona Country dancingSo you’ve decided that you’re tired of bellying up to that barstool and watching everyone else on that dance floor have fun. Why should they be kicking up their heels while you are watching from afar? It’s time for you to learn to dance and you’re ready to finally do something about it. Does this guy or gal sound like you? Then give your local dance studio a call and get the ball rolling!

There’s no better time than now to invest in yourself with private dance lessons. With private dance instruction, you can get great tips on how to lead or follow, how to connect with a variety of partners (or your special someone) and how to actually do all of those cool moves in your favorite styles of dance. If you’re like most people, you have questions when embarking on a new hobby such as social partner dancing. Here are a few of the most common questions along with answers from us, the pros at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ.

1. What styles of dance should I/we learn first? This question comes up often.  You wouldn’t want to begin exploring a dance that is not useful to you as a couple or single, so our instructors begin by asking you what kind of music you enjoy. If you’re a couple that loves Rock and Roll, we will show you how to Swing dance. If you love Country music, the Country Two Step is definitely in order. For those that love Latin music (and it is so popular here in Arizona), of course we will explore the Salsa and Bachata as your two most useful dances.

With so many dance styles to choose from, we believe in quality over quantity, so our suggestion is to start learning 3 or 4 dances, at the most, initially. That will lead us into Most Common Question #2…

2. Can I start with just one dance and go from there? We don’t recommend it. Not only is learning just one dance limiting, but it is also the slowest way to progress. With one dance, you will be sitting out a majority of the night. What’s the fun in that? Taking in at least two styles will keep you out there on the dance floor longer, which is exactly what you wanted, right? Since dancing is healthy and enjoyable on so many levels, you wouldn’t want to take lessons only to find yourself watching from the sidelines again.

In terms of slowing down your progress, learning several styles that are relatable all at once is ideal. You will be working smart and not hard, as well as staying up on that dance floor having a blast!

3. What type of footwear should we wear for our dance lessons? Proper footwear is a main component of partner dancing, believe it or not. For you golfers out there, would you consider golfing with a stick if you didn’t bring your clubs? Or using an apple as your ball if you ran out? Of course not.

For Country dancers, we always recommend a nice pair of leather bottom shoes that you can find at your local boot store. Rubber does tend to stick to the floor, so leather is best. Latin dancers ideally should be in a heel with a strap around the ankle (for ladies) and a leather bottom dress shoe (for guys). Ease of movement is what we’re after here. Think back to the golf analogy when beginning your dance lessons so that you set yourself up for success out there and you don’t waste your time being distracted by your shoes.

Social partner dancing is a skill that makes an impression on others. It’s hard not to be impressed by someone who’s a confident social dancer. Embark on your exciting new journey into the world of social dancing with us at Dance FX Studios! We will take you, the everyday single or couple, and give you the tools to dance anywhere with ease and certainty.

Arizona residents… give our New Student Offer a try and see how dancing can help you to put your best foot forward in any social situation.

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It’s Not Too Late to Give the Gift of Dance!

social dancing in ArizonaLast minute shoppers… You can still give your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors the perfect gift this Christmas…Social ballroom dance lessons! Not sure what social dancing is or how it would fit into your loved ones lives? Easy enough! Social dancing is what you would see at a wedding, in a bar, at a holiday party or anywhere that people gather to hang out to have a good time. Social dancing can include freestyle or Hip Hop, but we are specifically referring to social ballroom dancing, which requires a partner. Think Country Two Step, Swing and even Salsa dancing, and you will be on the right track when it comes to defining types of popular social ballroom dances.

Dancing is timeless and universal, making it a hobby that (we feel) everyone should know! 🙂 What better way to end a long day than to go burn off steam Country Swing dancing? How cool would it be to go Swing dancing after a hellish week at the office? Social dancing will be the one gift you give that literally keeps on giving. What’s even better, the more you use it, the greater you will feel! This is true on many levels, including mentally, physically and even emotionally. Yes, when you spend time connecting with others, being physically active and challenging yourself with a cool new hobby, you are on your way to a happier you!

When would those you know find the time to go and use an activity such as dancing? Well, date nights that include dancing are a great way to begin any relationship. Plus knowing how to social dance is great for anniversaries, weddings, special events and even dancing at home with someone special as a fun, healthy and intimate activity for two.

Do you live in Arizona? If so, come grab a gift card for social ballroom dance lessons for your friends and relatives this holiday season at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. We will introduce your loved ones to an exciting form of recreation and entertainment that will expand their social circle, improve their love life and get them off the couch. 2015 is right around the corner. You can check many boxes off of those New Year’s Resolutions on your friend’s lists, just by having them learn to social dance! Give the gift of confidence, fitness and fun this holiday season.

Gift certificates are available in our Online Store now. And, with every $100 that you spend in gift certificates, you will receive a $20 credit on your account! How cool is that!? Gift cards can be purchased in increments of $25 or can be purchased and printed for specific items, including a New Student Offer for singles or couples, our 4-Week Group Dance Classes for couples, or a Wedding Dance Consultation. Happy Shopping! We look forward to seeing you in the new year!

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Get Fit in 2015!

swing dancing in ArizonaIn the new year we’re all going to get into shape again, right? We’ll be our 40-year old selves with the bodies that we had in our 20’s! Don’t we all have the same resolution of fitness and health upon each new year? Well how wonderful would it be if I told you that you CAN have that 20 year old bod in your 40’s…without even going to the gym! That’s right! You can look and feel your best in the coming year with a timeless activity that has more benefits than we can name. Are you ready to revolutionize your health regime and make 2015’s health goals finally stick? Then give social dancing a try!

Burn calories while looking sexy and having fun in the new year with Salsa dance lessons! Yes, Salsa lessons will give you the confidence that you may be lacking to shine on the dance floor at any Latin club, wedding, or hey, maybe just in the living room with your sweetie. No matter where you decide to dance, with confidence you can really let go and enjoy yourself while the body gets to work.

What’s amazing about Salsa dancing and other Latin dances, from Merengue to Bachata, is that you will find yourself using parts of your body that have never been used before. Really, how often do you shake your hips for 5-7 minutes straight to music? That alone will get the heart pumping! Add great Latin music to the mix and you have a new hobby that is SO much more exciting than working out the traditional way. Are you ready for the cherry on top? Salsa dancing and other partner dances allow you to get fit with your special someone. Now that’s cool! Of course you can always go to a Zumba class for a Latin dance workout, but with partner dancing, you can shed any unwanted weight together and BOTH reach your fitness goals! Does it get any better?

Now, not everyone is into Latin music. No worries! There are many other styles of social dances that will get the blood flowing. Take Swing dancing, for example. Swing dancing is high energy, very popular and can be danced to many different kinds of music, from Country to Big Band. With Swing dance lessons, you’re also looking at burning about 350 calories per hour as long as you keep moving. This is a wonderful fun fact, no? And, since dancing is a total body workout, you will begin seeing results all over at the same time, making your dance lessons that better of an investment for you or you and your partner.

Beyond the health aspects of social ballroom dancing, with this incredible skill under your belt, you can expand your social circle in the upcoming year, add more romance (or meet someone new), improve your creativity, posture and balance, and the list goes on and on… From the physical to the social, the benefits of knowing how to dance are literally endless!

Give social dancing a shot in 2015. We’d love to hear about how it enhances your life! For those lucky ones who reside in Phoenix, Arizona, you can learn to social dance with us at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix Easy Valley. We specialize in creating confident social dancers, both singles and couples. With fun dances to explore that range from Argentine Tango to Country to Swing and Salsa, you will be dancing your way into a more fit you in 2015!

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Retired? Check Out These Ways to Fill Your Free Time!

Older couple dancing in ArizonaLots of people look forward to retirement here in Arizona as well as around the world. After a lifetime of hard work, what’s wrong with wanting some well earned down time? But what do you do with yourself when the thrill of 24 hour relaxation wears off? The majority of retirees don’t want to spend the rest of their time watching television, so what about trying something that you may not have had time for in the past? From volunteering to trying ballroom dance lessons, here are a few fun suggestions for retirees.


You’ve done a lot in your life, and your community appreciates it. Just because you’re off the work force doesn’t mean you can’t keep giving back. Find a charity or a cause that you really care about and use your talents to help them out. If you love our furry friends, look into volunteering at a local shelter. Puppies and kittens needs people to walk them, play with them and more. Also, consider overseas volunteering. You aren’t tied down to a particular location once you hit retirement, so you can bring your gifts to other countries if that appeals to you, and explore some fun new places at the same time.

Outdoor Activities

Most of us spend our work hours indoors. Use retirement as an opportunity to make up for lost time! Some of the most popular retirement activities here in Arizona are fishing, bicycling, golfing, and hiking. All of these activities give you at least a mild workout – well, maybe not fishing – and they get you out in the vitamin D rich sun. Let the sun’s rays lift your spirits and take in some beautiful surroundings with fun outdoor activities. Great places to go biking or hiking include Sedona and Flagstaff, AZ.

Family Time

It can be very hard to make time for family when working a 9 to 5 job. Major careers can be even more time-consuming! Use your retirement years to visit your relatives and get to know them all over again. Your children (and grandchildren) have grown and have probably changed a bit since you knew them as kids. Get the know them as they are now and share your lives with them. They’ll appreciate the time and the stories you have to tell.


As mentioned earlier, you aren’t tied down to any one place. Explore the world! Some people are lucky enough to travel earlier in life, but it’s never too late. You’ve got time to spare, so visit new cultures and experience new adventures.


Hobbies are a great way to fill free time-without having to leave town. Take up knitting or learn to play an instrument or, better yet, learn to ballroom dance! Hobbies generally take some time to get the hang of, so use your newfound freedom to perfect a fun, new skill. If you want a hobby that’s a little more social and interactive, dance lessons in Country, Latin or even the spicy Argentine Tango can reignite some romance, or even help you to meet new people. The best part of social partner dancing is that it has incredible mental and physical health benefits, along with being just plain fun. is tons of fun.  If you’re looking to learn to dance, and you live in the East Valley of Phoenix, come visit us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ. With dances styles ranging from Swing to Country to Latin, we can help keep you active and entertained. We offer private dance lessons and  group classes  for a little variety. Make your later years count with activities and hobbies that will keep you young at heart and in your mind. You’ve put in your time in the workplace, now it’s time to do something for you!

Contact us to begin your dancing journey…


Private dance lessons are available by appointment Monday-Friday from 12-8 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am-3 pm. For more information, call us today at 480.968.6177.