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New Group Dance Classes for Adults!

We’ve got great news! Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona is opening up another Group Dance Class for adults. In fact, all of our Dance Classes, be it Private Instruction or Group Classes, are for adults ages 18+, so if you’re looking to try something new and step out of your comfort zone and into an exciting, new hobby, then social dance lessons may be perfect for you!

First, let me clarify the very common question you may have which is “What is Social Dancing?”. Social dancing is what you would use at a bar, wedding, cruise or party. It’s what you would do with others in the “real world” where people are gathered to have a great time and let off some steam, versus a controlled environment, like a competition dance floor, or a big ballroom where everyone knows what they’re doing.

True social dancing includes using popular styles like Country Two Step, Swing and even Argentine Tango, and knowing how to make it fit onto a crowded, often very small, dance floor. At Dance FX Studios, we teach social dances that you can use anywhere so that all of your bases will be covered when you hit the town. From Line Dancing to how to Swing dance to your favorite Jazz tunes, we guarantee that we can help you to navigate around any crowded floor with ease.

Group Dance Classes with us are a fantastic way to get ready for social dancing! With lots of people to learn beside, you will soon see how to maneuver around a busy dance floor. We will give you our tips for keeping your dance partner safe, staying on time with the music, and leading or following fun moves on the dance floor. Then you can really sweep her off her feet!

Now you can check out three fantastic Group Classes a week at our studio: one Country, one Latin and one Swing.  Each class will focus on a specific dance within the general style so you can get a taste of everything. For example, if we are spending the month on Country dancing on Mondays, you will learn to Two Step one week, Country Swing the next, and Line Dance on the third Monday. And, the dance genres will rotate from month to month so if Monday’s don’t work for your schedule, you can learn to Country dance on Wednesdays in the following month. What more can you ask for!?

Classes are $10 per person per class, OR you can grab one of our Club FX Memberships and get six months of Dance Classes for just $99! Read up on the details, you’ll be blown away!

Finally, for those of you who are not lucky enough to live near by our dance studio ;), we offer Online Instruction in our Facebook Live Group Dance Classes. The rates and membership options remain the same, only you get to learn to dance from us from the comfort of your home. How cool is that!

It’s 2017…No Excuses! If you’ve always wanted to be a confident social dancer, now’s your time. Pick a style, bring a partner (or not) and Register Today for one of our FUN Dance Classes! You’ll be so glad you did!