Fun Facts About Ballroom Dancing

swing dance lessons in Mesa ArizonaUsually when we think of Ballroom dancing we think of fast and intimidating movements that are complicated and out of our reach. Poised men in tuxedos and graceful women in shiny dresses… it can all be very overwhelming. However, there are a lot of interesting and fun facts surrounding Ballroom dancing. For instance, Ballroom and Ballet have the same origin. The words ballroom and ballet are traced back to the latin word “ballare”, meaning to dance.

Also, I bet you didn’t know that the beautiful and elegant Waltz was considered vulgar for most of its history, simply because of the close body connection that was required when dancing. And the Waltz was not the only dance with that stigma. Other Ballroom dances were thought of as inappropriate, like the Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo and Salsa. Granted, these are all sexy Latin dances. After all, the Cuban Rumba is a competition of sexual prowess and attractiveness between male and female through dance. So you can see how back then, in the most modest of times, people might have had a problem with some of these dances.

Another interesting little tidbit that you might not know is that pain avoidance is believed to be the inspiration for the one sided connection of partners in ballroom dancing’s “closed hold”. To further explain, back in those times swords were always worn, so connection on the opposite side of the sword was required by any intelligent follower. Who knew?!

Did you also know that it is thought that the long body stretches in most of these dances may have developed as a result of bad body odors. Many people believe that that the follower’s extensions came about because of the practice of very infrequent bathing among the population of the aristocracy during the early days of Waltzing. Since then, however, the dance has grown, and so perhaps has peoples’ willingness to practice good hygiene.

All jokes aside, Ballroom dancing grew so much that it evolved into a serious competitive sport. Although 30 countries participate in international Ballroom dance competitions, it is still not included in the Olympic Games.

It’s very interesting to know that Ballroom dancing has incredible physical benefits to the human body. For example, it is scientifically proven to be great for your cardiovascular health. An Italian study in 2006 showed that Ballroom dancing is a very good exercise for heart patients compared to other aerobic exercises like cycling. It is also great for muscle tone, your joints and spinal column. Another report by Professor Tim Watson and Dr. Andrew Garrett of the University of Hertfordshire compared members of the Royal Ballet with a group of British swimmers. The dancers scored higher than the swimmers in seven out of ten areas of fitness. Pretty cool!

Today, most partner dancing is about recreation and self-expression. Social dancing, for example, is a wonderful stress reliever and confidence builder. Simply put, dancing is a truly enjoyable way to be more physically active, stay fit and have fun. The more dancing you do, the healthier you become.

Its so easy to learn to dance, and you can begin any time. Beginner’s dance lessons for adults are available in most major cities at your local dance studio.  So find out what you’re missing in your life and learn to ballroom dance today!


What Women Really Like About a Man That Can Dance

ballroom dance studios Mesa ArizonaDid you watch the season finale last night of Dancing With The Stars? It was incredible! Great performances, awesome re-caps and highlights from the entire season, and tons of fun! Spoiler alert for those who haven’t had a chance to watch…the gorgeous Nyle DiMarco took home the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy. YAY!

There’s no doubt that a man can dance is an attractive thing to most women, but Nyle won the hearts of many because of his impressive ability to dance with the music in spite of the fact that he is completely deaf. For me as a professional ballroom dance instructor, it was truly inspiring to see how he brought each dance to life while dancing in pure silence. I give a huge round of applause to Peta, his instructor, who also brought out the best in this man. The entire thing was really unbelievable when you think about it.

Ballroom dancing has the unique and special power to invoke feelings and expressions that we may not experience in other areas of life, and I believe that is what women really love about a man that can dance. For example, a man that dances well exudes an air of confidence. We all want a self-assured partner in life, right? Well, next time you go with your girlfriends to your local Country bar, scope out the dance floor and grab the guy who is two stepping with a smile. He is obviously not afraid to Country dance, and if he’s looking good on the dance floor, he may carry that certainty in other areas of life too, and that’s pretty hot!

I, along with millions of viewers and fans of Dancing With The Stars can tell you that Nyle definitely took what women really love about a man that can dance to the next level. He was sexy, hypnotic, rhythmic and…I could go on and on! Men, reveal your sensual side (or discover it) on the dance floor and learn to salsa dance, bachata or even in the Argentine tango, and watch the ladies swoon. I will speak for myself when I say that a guy with rhythm on the dance floor does indicate that he can be sexy in other places too. Passion and romance are a great way to establish an initial connection, so go out and take Latin dance lessons, guys. She’ll be so happy you did, and so will you!

When it comes down to it, a guy that can dance, be it swing dance or Country two step dance, and is happily willing to do so, does say something. I take away from it that he is adventurous, playful, sexy and courageous. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but dancing is exciting, and to share it with someone else is even more fun!

If you’re a guy that wants to get started with beginner’s dance lessons, that’s wonderful! As it did for Nyle, dancing will make you want to walk taller and shine brighter, and it won’t hurt when it comes to finding love either. So discover how to dance… The journey will be worth it!