Sniff Out Your Next Dance Partner (Literally!)

Salsa, Swing, Tango, or Two Step. They all have one thing in common… a partner!  Couples, you have a built in partner, but for singles, partner dancing is not so simple.

For followers, it can be very intimidating to go out dancing alone.  “What if I go and nobody asks me to dance?” she may be thinking. Or maybe she’s  just looking to dance and the guys who ask her to dance are looking for more. That’s never fun (and it can be quite uncomfortable). Many followers (and leaders for that matter) are simply looking for a practice partner.

Leaders have it a bit different because they get to ask followers to dance. “What if she says no?” or she says yes and then you have to impress her with your leading skills.

There are also clicks of people who have been dancing for a long time.  They dance with each other because they are used to the partnership they have developed.  It can be hard to get in with these groups as they are very tightly knit.  One reason is ego.  If I know how to lead/follow and I dance with someone who doesn’t, it makes me look bad.  This is more common with the male ego… go figure.  There are exceptions to this rule.  Some people are very nice and accommodating to new dancers.

Here are some tips to finding a dance partner…

1. Don’t be afraid to ask. Leaders and followers can both ask for dances- it’s rare to get a no.

2. Sharpen your skills. A leader who has worked hard on his dancing won’t dance twice with a follow who has had only a couple of group classes.  An experienced follower feels like she’s a beginner in the arms of a weak leader.

3. Stick around the dance floor. Standing close and looking interested in what’s happening on the floor is far better than sitting down at a table.

4. Smell good. Proper hygene and clean clothes go a long way.

5. Have Fun! Try not to make dancing only about how well you do. Simply enjoy the music and keep it simple.