Refine your Social Ballroom Dancing with a Few Tips

istock_000012228843xsmallSo you have learned the basic steps to some social Ballroom dances, but you still want the grace and poise that professional Ballroom dancers have. Well you are in luck because we are going to cover some tips for you to get that elegant look into your social Ballroom dancing! This can apply to both the leader (usually men) and followers (usually women)… women aren’t the only ones who can and should be graceful. However, don’t expect grace and poise to happen overnight, it will require practice just like learning those dance steps did.

To begin, we are going to have you start off with something easy. One way to make your social Ballroom dancing a little more elegant is to take lighter steps. Stomping around with heavy feet makes your dancing look awkward and may appear like you are trying too hard. Instead, you want the appearance of your dancing to show the slightest effort. The lighter movements with your feet and body are a great way to start heading in the right direction.

Next, think of fluid movements. Being able to blend your moves together and not have staccato footwork and transitions will help you to achieve a graceful look, mainly for the Foxtrot or Waltz. To look light and airy on the top half of your body, ask your dance instructor for exercises on how to move your arms in an elegant way. One exercise that we recommend is to imagine that you are stroking velvet drapes. Bring your arms up and down slowly while extending your fingers. This motion will help you to begin to move with exquisite form. Are you starting to envision looking like an elegant Ballroom dancer yet? Keep reading for more advice on how to be even more smooth on the dance floor.

Bring gracefulness to your social Ballroom dancing by elongating your neck and standing up tall. Posture is everything in partner dancing. Did you know that your head can weigh up to 11 pounds? If you let it slip forward and down, it will affect your posture, frame, and ability to lead and/or follow. Pull those shoulders back and down and round your elbows forward for an upscale look and great feel on the dance floor. Stand tall and confidence while social dancing is sure to follow.

As with any hobby worth having, it can take time to master some of these ideas. Keep practicing and, before long, you will shine on the social dance floor in your Ballroom dances.

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