Get the Proper Equipment for Your Feet

dancing shoes mesa azIf you were a runner you would wear the proper running shoes, if you were a football player you would wear special football cleats, and if you are a dancer? Well ladies, here is your excuse to get another pair of shoes! That’s right, just like those other sports, you should have the proper footwear when dancing. It is very important to have a correct and comfortable fit to your dancing shoes to prevent injury and discomfort. The right shoe can even affect your experience while learning and practicing your dance moves.

Not all styles of dancing require the same dance shoes either. There are differences with Latin, Standard, and Hip Hop shoes. Women’s Latin shoes are usually open toe, strappy, and have a higher and slimmer heel. Men’s Latin shoes also have a higher heel than normal (about 1.5 inches or less) that helps emphasize the hip motion.

For women’s Standard shoes, also referred to as Rhythm or Smooth, they usually have a lower heel and closed toe. Men have more freedom in this category, as there are a variety of 1 inch heeled shoes to choose from.

Lastly, for Hip Hop, there are going to be very supportive shoes, such as a sneaker. Since it is a street style of dancing you will probably want some style of street shoes, but just makes sure they are durable and you are able to flex, point, and move around in them properly.

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