A Sensual Dance from Argentina!

argentine tango lessons mesa azWhat amazing things come from Argentina? Well there is beautiful architecture, serene nature settings, and sports enthusiasts, but the best of all is the Argentine Tango! The Argentine Tango is a lovely, passionate, and romantic dance that looks breathtaking when danced.

Although this may seem like a complicated dance, it is not as bad as you think! If you are able to walk, then you are able to dance the Argentine Tango. It is essentially walking with your partner to the beat of the music. Now don’t think that the Tango is utterly boring either, there are also turns, dips, and lunges, but the basic steps are just a series of strides around the dance floor. You can add more pizzazz to it with a combination of movements and by dancing using your feelings.

Actually, it would be quite difficult to not show any emotion while dancing the Tango, as it is seen as an intimate, sexy, and steamy dance. Due to this appeal, it is a great dance to learn with your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. Something you can use to spice up your love life and desire for one another perhaps? Nonetheless you will have a great time doing so.

Would you like to experience the wonders of the Argentine Tango? Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, offers group Argentine Tango dance classes and private Argentine Tango dance classes. For private lessons, we have an Introductory Offer consisting of 1 hour-long, private Argentine Tango lesson to get the basics down. Group Argentine Tango classes are held over a 4-week period.  The group class will be held every Wednesday and class material will build upon the previous week’s class. Come see for yourself how AMAZING it is to learn the beauty and passion of the Argentine Tango!