What to Wear For YOUR First Dance

first dance classes for wedding mesa azA-line, ball-gown, mermaid, trumpet, strapless, simple, flashy, sleek & sexy, big & loud. Wedding dresses can be so many things but how do we know which one is going to be perfect for your first dance as husband and wife? There are a few guidelines that I like to follow when choosing what to wear while you boogie down.

1. Try to choose a dress that your legs can move freely in. A mermaid or trumpet style isn’t quite ideal for dancing because they can be constricting below the waist. An A-line or even a ball-gown are great choices to show off your moves in. Those legs can move forward, back, up and down with ease as your new husband shows you off to your family and friends.

2. Go for dresses that have lighter fabric. Silk, tool and lace are great choices. Satin, cotton, and polyester are heavier fabrics that can make it more difficult to maneuver around the dance floor. On your wedding day, you want to feel light, airy and on top of the world, not heavy, bulky or weighed down. The less layers, the better!

3. If you go strapless, don’t forget the double sided tape! Ladies, in order to prevent your guests from getting a striptease, put some tape between your chest and dress. Especially for that big dip at the end! We don’t want to give them a show unless they are paying for it, hahaha!

4. The shoes! Stay away from platforms and anything higher than a 3 inch heel. In order to get that fluid, “dancing in the clouds” look, we must have a shoe that’s lower to the ground and is strapped securely to your foot. The worst thing would be kicking up your leg and hitting your grandmother in the face with your 6 inch platform. The lighter and lower to the floor your shoe is, the lighter we look up on top. If we wear a bulky shoe, we will be klunking around the dance floor looking like we weigh a thousand pounds heavier. We don’t want that! Go for small and strapy! Tip: You can also change your shoes for your dance and then change back into your platforms if you like.

Guys, I have a few tips for you too!

1. If possible, dancing without your jacket allows you to turn your wife with ease and grace. You could even incorporate your wife removing your jacket for you at the beginning of the dance before you start shakin’ it.

2. Dance shoes are a great investment! Tux rental shoes tend to be very slippery and the last thing you want in your photo album are shots of the groom taking a face dive into the dance floor during that special moment. Dance shoes allow a certain grip while still helping you look “smooth as butta”.

Take these helpful hints into consideration when showing off your moves on your wedding day. A great first dance can be a memory that will last forever for you and your guests!