What it Takes to be a Confident Social Dancer

Chandler ballroom dance instructionDo you know what it takes to be a confident social dancer? How great would it be to go to a local Country bar or Latin dance club and be the first one on the dance floor? What about being that guy that all the ladies line up to dance with? I would say that’s a pretty fantastic feeling for any man, wouldn’t you? To become a confident social dancer in styles like the Swing, Country Two Step and Salsa dancing, you need a few things immediately. Here’s my short list of the top three things you can do be that dancer before long…

Start with laying a solid foundation as a social dancer by signing up for Beginner’s Private Dance Lessons, rather then Group Classes, at your local ballroom dance studio. With one-on-one instruction, you will definitely get key bits of information personalized to the way you learn best that you could not receive in a group setting. These tips are your keys to your success on the dance floor! They include: exercises on how to properly lead or follow, specific instruction on dance frames and detail on how to execute each move so that it feels comfortable for your partner. With Private Swing, Country and Latin Dance Lessons, you will definitely be on the fast track to becoming an awesome social dancer!

Next, identifying the music and knowing how to stay on time is critical as a leader on any social dance floor. Not everyone can find the beat in a song naturally and that’s OK, but this skill can be learned. Taking the time to get proper and professional instruction on how to stay with the beat is well worth the time it takes to understand. In trickier styles like Salsa and other Latin dances, this may require a bit more time to be proficient, so be patient with yourself as you are going through the process. Again, you can gain this knowledge through working with a trained professional dance instructor.

Lastly, it is essential to be able to navigate around a crowded dance floor with confidence. Getting the tools you need on how to make your way comfortably around masses of potentially drunk people and wild dancers will save you from freaking out later when you’re in that situation. It’s also a nice thing to avoid running your partner into oncoming traffic, right? Inevitably most dancers will not be trained, so if you’re going to invest in your dancing, take the time to discover how to avoid mishaps like this. Your partner will surely appreciate it!

When you’re ready for it, a fun game your instructor can play with you is to set up obstacles on the dance floor in the studio. Then, it will be your job to get around them all without knocking them over. Pretend they’re real people and see if they all remain standing by the time the song is over. That is a great way to train yourself on how to dance on a crowded floor with ease.

Becoming a confident social dancer takes time. Like learning to play the guitar with fluidity, or speaking a new language that just rolls off your tongue, knowing how to dance does not happen overnight. With patience, practice and formal instruction, though, you can be a great dancer! Get the ball rolling for yourself by contacting your local social ballroom dance studio today!

Country dance lessons for adults

Top 3 Things You Never Want to do on Any Social Dance Floor

Country dance lessons for adults near Chandler ArizonaYou have finally gotten the courage to get off of the sidelines and onto the dance floor. Congratulations! This is a huge step!  With popular dances these days like the Country Two Step, Salsa and Swing, there’s just too much fun to be had! It’s your time to discover and explore the excitement of social dancing, as well as some of the etiquette that follows.

Speaking of do’s and don’ts, here is a short list of ways to make your nights at the Country Western bars or Latin dance clubs a big hit. Today I’m going to share my top three “don’ts” of social dancing. Do not…

  1. Take over the entire dance floor. Yes, social dancing is about movement and having fun, but that does NOT mean that you need to be everywhere, all at once. Carving out a small space to dance within is not only thoughtful of others who you will also be sharing the dance floor with, but it is also being mindful of your partner as well. How so? Well gentlemen, a great leader is one that takes care of his partner. In order to do so, you don’t need a ton of space, but you definitely need to be aware of oncoming “traffic” and making sure that you keep her safe from others. She can have a blast Two Stepping in a small space if you’re a great leader. On the other hand, you can fling her around and see if she enjoys what I call bumper dancing. It may seem like fun at first, but you’re not likely to get a second or third dance out of her.
  2. Dance off time with the music. This is a bit tricky. For the untrained dancer, you may not know that you’re even off time with the music in the first place. You may be trying to copy the guy next to you (one of my biggest pet peeves) and decide to Country Swing dance to a Two Step beat. Is this really the end of the world? Well,  for us followers who do enjoy synching up our dances to the music being played, I have to admit that it’s kind of a bummer to dance off time. Guys, in this case, please invest in yourself by signing up for some Private Dance Lessons so that you can truly execute your dances with full effect. It’s just not the same to be doing the wrong dance to the wrong beat.
  3. Forget to have fun! While dancing is an art and a wonderful form of stress relief, romance, and I could go on, you can’t take it too seriously. Please do educate yourself with formal instruction, then go out and play! Salsa dance lessons will give you the freedom to let loose and uncover your sexy side, and Country dance lessons are a great way to kick up your heels after a long week at work, but without actual lessons under your belt, you’re sort of faking it with the best of them. There’s no reason for that, especially when there’s got to be a local dance studio that can help get you started with beginner’s dance lessons, on the basics at the very least.

The process of taking dance lessons is actually quite exciting and rewarding. With formal instruction, you too can become a confident social dancer anywhere you choose to go social dancing.  How fun is that! You can also gain so many of the benefits of social dancing, from improved health to learning a new hobby that you can use for years to come. Enjoy social dancing to the fullest by investing in yourself with beginner’s dance lessons, and following the tips above, of course. Happy dancing! 🙂