What’s Happening on The Country Dance Scene in Arizona

Have you ever shown up to a local Country bar where the dance floor is packed with guys turning, dipping and even flipping ladies? Quite the sight, isn’t it?! You probably wonder, what are they dancing? How do they do that? Can I ever do that? You find yourself on the edge of the dance floor looking to join, but not exactly knowing where, or how, to start.

That is why Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona is the place for you! We want everyone to have the tools and confidence to step on to any dance floor with ease. Whether you are a man wanting to sweep his partner off of her feet, or a gal looking to have the self-assurance to even approach the dance floor, we can help.

Dance FX Studios offers Adult Dances Lessons in popular Country Dances like Country Swing, Country Two Step and West Coast Swing. Most of what you are seeing on the Country floors in Phoenix is a blend of Country Swing and Country Two Step. There are also a lot of social dancers who are bringing West Coast Swing to the Country scene!

Country Swing is a Fast tempo Country Dance that has recently become a trend within the past 10 years. It includes a lot of turns, leans and dips, which are always fun! At Dance FX Studios, we teach our leaders to take care of their partners on the dance floor through Private Lessons, so that every movement feels safe and comfortable for her. We never her to be dropped or hurt on the dance floor, of course!

Then there is the Country Two Step. Also known as Arizona Two Step or Rhythm Two Step, the Country Two Step is a perfect style for medium tempo Country Music. This cool dance doesn’t have to travel and therefore works on any size dance floor, big or small, which makes it perfect for Arizona Country Dance venues!

Why is having both dances important? It allows you to dance to both fast and medium tempo songs. This way, you never have to miss the opportunity to dance.

Lastly, there is West Coast Swing. This is considered an intermediate dance as once you get past the basic steps there comes room for improvisation, which provides a lot of self-expression for both parties. Don’t let the word intermediate scare you though… This dance is great to set as a goal we can work towards. 😉

So, where do you start? Our New Student Offer is the perfect way for you to get your feet wet and allow us to show you that YOU CAN DANCE! We will go over how to connect with your partner, the three ways we move on the dance floor, and of course, we will go over the first movement in each of your dances.

The best part is that we work with your schedule. Dance FX Studios is open 12-8 Monday through Friday, and 11-4 on Saturdays we are meant to make this easy for you.

Today is your day to start your dancing journey. We never want you to be on the outside of the dance floor looking in… so here is to being ON the dance floor looking smooth, natural and confident!