Check Out These Top 4 Social Ballroom Dances

dance lessons for adults in ArizonaAre you thinking taking beginners dance lessons for adults? What an awesome idea!! There are so many fun social dance styles to explore from Country to Latin, and Tango to Swing.

If you think about it, no one is born knowing how to dance-especially partner dance. So lessons are virtually a must if you want to be confident and look good in any social dance situation. What’s great about needing to learn to dance is that you will have a skill and a hobby that most people would love to know how to do well. You’ll be the envy of anyone who watches you, and your confidence will go through the roof. That would be great, right? I would say so!

Knowing how to social dance will benefit you in so many other ways too-ways you’ve never thought of! For example, did you know that you can ward off dementia by learning to dance? It’s so true! In a  21-year study of people aged 75 and older that was led by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, funded by the National Institute on Aging, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, dancing proved to be the greatest risk reduction for warding off Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia.

Another tidbit of information that I love to share is that social partner dancing is heart-healthy. At the Flagstaff Medical Center, for example, they use monthly ballroom dance classes as part of their Cardiac Rehabilitation program. Heart patients benefit from ballroom dancing through aerobic activity to help improve their balance, stamina, and mental acuity. Love this!

Beyond the mental and physical perks, social ballroom dancing is incredible for the spirit and social aspects of your life. You can meet new friends, use Salsa, Swing or Country dancing as a means to relax after a stressful week at work, and discover new and healthy ways to express yourself creatively.

The advantages of knowing how to dance as an adult are truly endless, and I could go on, but now it’s time to discuss what dances I recommend for you. The “you” I’m referring to is anyone from 25-90 years old who wants to be able to fit in comfortably, whether at a Country bar, wedding, or a Latin nightclub. So, if that’s you, keep on reading to see what’s hot today!

Country Two Step Dancing

Country dancing is as hot as ever! If you’re planning to head out to a Country bar, throw on those boots and be prepared for an evening of FUN, and learn to Country Two Step dance. This dance is what you’re going to use 60-70% of the time out Country dancing, so make the investment in Country dance lessons…you’ll be glad you did!

With Country dance instruction, you will learn how to Two Step with ease. If you’re like most, you want to look natural, smooth and rhythmic out there on the dance floor, so Country Western dance lessons will really come in handy, rather than trying to figure it out just by watching. Speaking of which, that’s a great way to pick up some really bad habits. With lessons, though, you’ll be dancing correctly and with self-assurance before you know it.

The best part of Country Two Step dancing is that it’s easy to learn! There are no “shaking of the hips” involved, like in the Latin dances, and you get to shuffle along to your favorite Country music. It’s a win, win!

Swing Dancing

Swing dancing is a must for anyone who wants to go social dancing. There are so many exciting turns and twists to learn, making Swing a heart-racing good time for all! Swing dancing, for instance, is a major calorie burner and even aids in cardiac rehabilitation. Fun fact: According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, social ballroom dances, including Swing, can lower your risk of coronary heart disease and decrease blood pressure. Pretty cool, right?

With 24+ variations of Swing dancing, you’re sure to find a style that suits you. You may not know it, but Swing dancing can be sultry, playful, bouncy and even sexy! In fact, Swing dancing is so versatile that you can use it everywhere from a Country Western venue to a formal wedding.

Swing dance music is multifaceted too. From Michael Jackson to Frank Sinatra, you will find many Swing dance songs to love. Of course you know I’m going to recommend Swing dance lessons for beginners to get started with healthy habits on the dance floor. Even the most basic of Swing variations can be tricky at first so be patient with yourself as you discover this must-have style.

Salsa Dancing

Oooh la la! Salsa dancing is steamy, thrilling and super-fun to do! Upon learning to Salsa dance, you may even discover and inner diva that you didn’t know you had. Or, why not develop one and really watch your confidence soar!?

Salsa dancing is medium to fast paced, and amongst the most popular of the Latin dances, making it one that you need to know if you love Latin music, or have always wanted to try something outside of your comfort zone. Salsa dance lessons will be great in helping you to understand how the whole Latin dance thing works, as well as how to learn some kick-butt moves to look your best out there on the dance floor.

Slow Dancing

Finally, the underrated Slow Dance. Oftentimes Slow Dancing is taken for granted and overlooked when it comes to exploring social ballroom lessons. Anyone can do it, right? Just rock back and forth like you did in 7th grade. Boring! There are slow dances these days, like the Night Club Two Step/Bolero fusion dance that we have developed at our local ballroom dance studio, that will give you a sexy-looking, smooth and romantic way to sweep any woman off of her feet on the dance floor. Now wouldn’t that be a little more appealing than bobbing in one place to your favorite song? I say yes.

Slow dancing is also great to learn for formal affairs, when you want to connect with someone new, when you want to re-ignite that flame with your special someone and when you feel like grooving to your favorite slow jams. Keep a slow dance in mind when you take lessons so you can be prepared for any tempo of music that is being played. 😉

Are you ready to give these dances a try yourself? If so, don’t wait! Yes, the holidays are coming, and if you learn now, you may be able to do a move or two before those Christmas parties start filling up your weekend schedule.

What dance are you most interested in exploring first? There’s no rush to get them down pat, but keep in mind that when you do begin with adult dance lessons, you will need time to reach your goals. Be patient, have fun and enjoy discovering the coolest hobby out there!


Connection on the Dance Floor and Beyond!

ballroom lessons in ArizonaIs it just me, or does there seem to be a new dance fad every couple of months? I mean what’s going on here?! Are we Twerking, Jerking, doing the Dougie? Who knows what the latest and greatest dance craze will be next. While they all sound a little bizarre to this 40-year old ballroom dancer, I can’t imagine a modern world without dance, and new dance fads. Whatever dance keep you moving, having fun, letting go of all that stress and staying fit, is alright by me.

Today we live in a world that begs for connection, and longs for something that can bring us all together. It’s the small ideas that mean the most and create the biggest change in our lives. Something as simple as dancing is often overlooked as just another pastime or hobby. However, has anyone really asked the question, “Why do so many love to dance?”. Is it the music? Is it the moves? Why has something so simple lasted and evolved throughout the ages?

Dancing has transcended space and time as is very much alive and well in virtually every culture around the globe. Even more interesting, there’s no “one way” to dance! Maybe you like the Argentinean tango, the Country Two Step, or Swing. Whatever the style, situation, or place in the world that you dance, dancing brings people together, encourages socializing and is a wonderful means of connection. \

If you took a look back on the history of dancing, you’d be gazing into the far distant past of some of the earliest human civilizations! Human beings have been dancing long even before there was a word for it. Rhythmic body movement is instinctive, connecting people, even if unconsciously, to the rhythms of their own bodies and the rest of  nature. Dancing springs from a human desire for personal expression and social connection, and it feels incredible to let loose.

People dance for all kinds of reasons. To mourn, to celebrate, to heal, to give thanks, to preserve cultural heritage and treasured legends, to demonstrate physical prowess, or to assert individuality, to provoke and to entertain. It’s almost impossible to sit here and list every reason! Perhaps, that’s because dancing is more than just the many benefits that come along with it. It’s is the way we express ourselves when words just aren’t enough.

For trained dancers, or those who take dance lessons, I think most enjoy dancing because it makes the mind and body work together. Structured dancing is something that gets easier with time and effort, and the joy and the passion for it comes from the hard work, and the feeling you get when you achieve something amazing! Dancing allows you to be completely in the moment and present with yourself, giving you the opportunity to grow in ways you never thought possible. How great is that!?

Although some people would compare dance to things like “harmony” or “poetry,” I see it more like – going to my room, shutting the door, blasting some music and dancing like a fool! Why do we dance? Every answer will be different, and that is as it should be. Perhaps the better question is, “Why would we not?” Don’t let life get in the way of something so beautiful. Whatever you have to do, you owe it to yourself to make room in your life for dancing!

If you live in Phoenix, Arizona like me, you can come discover your passion for dances like Salsa, Swing and Country Two Step with us. Our dance studio for adults is located in Mesa, Arizona, just off the 101 highway. Every day we aim to speak with as many people as we can to enlighten them about the beautiful idea of connection through social partner dancing. This is more than just movement; this is dancing!

Fun Facts About Ballroom Dancing

swing dance lessons in Mesa ArizonaUsually when we think of Ballroom dancing we think of fast and intimidating movements that are complicated and out of our reach. Poised men in tuxedos and graceful women in shiny dresses… it can all be very overwhelming. However, there are a lot of interesting and fun facts surrounding Ballroom dancing. For instance, Ballroom and Ballet have the same origin. The words ballroom and ballet are traced back to the latin word “ballare”, meaning to dance.

Also, I bet you didn’t know that the beautiful and elegant Waltz was considered vulgar for most of its history, simply because of the close body connection that was required when dancing. And the Waltz was not the only dance with that stigma. Other Ballroom dances were thought of as inappropriate, like the Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo and Salsa. Granted, these are all sexy Latin dances. After all, the Cuban Rumba is a competition of sexual prowess and attractiveness between male and female through dance. So you can see how back then, in the most modest of times, people might have had a problem with some of these dances.

Another interesting little tidbit that you might not know is that pain avoidance is believed to be the inspiration for the one sided connection of partners in ballroom dancing’s “closed hold”. To further explain, back in those times swords were always worn, so connection on the opposite side of the sword was required by any intelligent follower. Who knew?!

Did you also know that it is thought that the long body stretches in most of these dances may have developed as a result of bad body odors. Many people believe that that the follower’s extensions came about because of the practice of very infrequent bathing among the population of the aristocracy during the early days of Waltzing. Since then, however, the dance has grown, and so perhaps has peoples’ willingness to practice good hygiene.

All jokes aside, Ballroom dancing grew so much that it evolved into a serious competitive sport. Although 30 countries participate in international Ballroom dance competitions, it is still not included in the Olympic Games.

It’s very interesting to know that Ballroom dancing has incredible physical benefits to the human body. For example, it is scientifically proven to be great for your cardiovascular health. An Italian study in 2006 showed that Ballroom dancing is a very good exercise for heart patients compared to other aerobic exercises like cycling. It is also great for muscle tone, your joints and spinal column. Another report by Professor Tim Watson and Dr. Andrew Garrett of the University of Hertfordshire compared members of the Royal Ballet with a group of British swimmers. The dancers scored higher than the swimmers in seven out of ten areas of fitness. Pretty cool!

Today, most partner dancing is about recreation and self-expression. Social dancing, for example, is a wonderful stress reliever and confidence builder. Simply put, dancing is a truly enjoyable way to be more physically active, stay fit and have fun. The more dancing you do, the healthier you become.

Its so easy to learn to dance, and you can begin any time. Beginner’s dance lessons for adults are available in most major cities at your local dance studio.  So find out what you’re missing in your life and learn to ballroom dance today!


What Women Really Like About a Man That Can Dance

ballroom dance studios Mesa ArizonaDid you watch the season finale last night of Dancing With The Stars? It was incredible! Great performances, awesome re-caps and highlights from the entire season, and tons of fun! Spoiler alert for those who haven’t had a chance to watch…the gorgeous Nyle DiMarco took home the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy. YAY!

There’s no doubt that a man can dance is an attractive thing to most women, but Nyle won the hearts of many because of his impressive ability to dance with the music in spite of the fact that he is completely deaf. For me as a professional ballroom dance instructor, it was truly inspiring to see how he brought each dance to life while dancing in pure silence. I give a huge round of applause to Peta, his instructor, who also brought out the best in this man. The entire thing was really unbelievable when you think about it.

Ballroom dancing has the unique and special power to invoke feelings and expressions that we may not experience in other areas of life, and I believe that is what women really love about a man that can dance. For example, a man that dances well exudes an air of confidence. We all want a self-assured partner in life, right? Well, next time you go with your girlfriends to your local Country bar, scope out the dance floor and grab the guy who is two stepping with a smile. He is obviously not afraid to Country dance, and if he’s looking good on the dance floor, he may carry that certainty in other areas of life too, and that’s pretty hot!

I, along with millions of viewers and fans of Dancing With The Stars can tell you that Nyle definitely took what women really love about a man that can dance to the next level. He was sexy, hypnotic, rhythmic and…I could go on and on! Men, reveal your sensual side (or discover it) on the dance floor and learn to salsa dance, bachata or even in the Argentine tango, and watch the ladies swoon. I will speak for myself when I say that a guy with rhythm on the dance floor does indicate that he can be sexy in other places too. Passion and romance are a great way to establish an initial connection, so go out and take Latin dance lessons, guys. She’ll be so happy you did, and so will you!

When it comes down to it, a guy that can dance, be it swing dance or Country two step dance, and is happily willing to do so, does say something. I take away from it that he is adventurous, playful, sexy and courageous. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but dancing is exciting, and to share it with someone else is even more fun!

If you’re a guy that wants to get started with beginner’s dance lessons, that’s wonderful! As it did for Nyle, dancing will make you want to walk taller and shine brighter, and it won’t hurt when it comes to finding love either. So discover how to dance… The journey will be worth it!

The Real Reasons Why You Should Learn to Dance

couples dance lessons Phoenix AZOK, it’s going to be tough to stick with just three reasons why I believe you (and every adult) should know how to dance, but I will try my best! First, let me share with you the kind of dancing that I’m thinking of, so we can be on the same page. The type of dancing I want to share with the world is social ballroom dancing. Think Swing, Salsa, Country Two Step and Argentine Tango.

Imagine holding someone close and sharing in a fun, playful or romantic moment with them. Picture you and your sweetie swaying to your favorite music at home in the living room when the kids are asleep. How cool would it be to take a date out Country dancing and swap her off her feet? Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to social dance? I say YES! YES! YES!

The number one reason why, in my opinion, we should all know how to social dance is that it truly does build confidence. Everyone can use a bit more self-assurance in general, and trust me when I say that this does trickle into other areas of your life. Over the years as a ballroom instructor, I have trained many a salesman in Private Dance Lessons, for example, whose numbers have gone up dramatically because they are more fearless after conquering something as intimidating as dance. It’s true, and very cool to watch!

Also, ballroom dancing, be it Salsa or Country Western styles, is an awesome way to spend time with your partner. You can catch a flick, go to dinner, even take a bike ride, but nothing is more romantic than embracing one another and looking into each other’s eyes while dancing. The physical and emotional connection is truly cathartic. For newer couples, seal the deal in your relationship by taking couple’s dance lessons early on. It will give you a go-to skill and hobby that will keep you banded together through thick and thin. (I only say this because when my hubby and I have a spat, we hit the dance floor and within minutes, we are back in harmony again.) For pairs that have been together for some time, dancing will surely reignite that flame that may have dimmed over time. The dimming part is normal, but you don’t have to accept that your relationship will become stale, especially when there’s a way to spice it up.

Lastly, social ballroom dancing is so much fun! it’s easy to get caught up in work and family and not do anything for yourself, or for you as a couple. With exciting dances like Country Two Step or the flirty Tango, you can put some joy and laughter into your week as you gain a new skill. Dancing will get your heart rate up too, so you can let go that much more from life’s everyday stresses.

Give back to yourself or you and your partner by learning to social dance. You can enjoy a hobby that will keep you healthy, youthful and more in touch with each other. You deserve it, right? OK, so what are you waiting for?

If you happen to live in the Phoenix valley of Arizona, we at Dance FX Studios would love to share our passion for dance and all of its benefits with you! Since there’s no one we can’t teach, come join in the fun of social dancing and try out our Private Dance Lesson Introductory Offer. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by knowing how to dance. We hope to see you on the dance floor soon!

Am I Too Old To Salsa Dance?

Salsa lessons mesa AZMany people think that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. They think that going out Salsa dancing is only for the young. I say no! That is so not the case! Like fine wine, we can all age gracefully and get better with time, especially when we continue to challenge ourselves to grow and learn.

Did you know that discovering new things at any stage of our lives is not only exciting, but healthy in mind, body and spirit? As we age, it is essential to keep active and social, not stagnant and alone. By giving Salsa dance lessons a try, you will benefit in so many ways. From making new friends to sharpening your mind, Salsa dancing may be just what the doctor ordered!

If you’ve heard the incredible statistics on how ballroom dancing, which includes Latin dancing, keeps dementia at bay, you know that you’re never too old to learn to dance. In fact, being older and learning to dance as a new hobby is a wonderful thing! Check out this statistic: As compared to doing crossword puzzles, riding bikes and reading, social ballroom dancing was 76% more effective in warding off dementia in patients at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. Now that’s amazing! Interestingly, swimming and playing golf had zero effect on aging patients in terms of memory improvement.

Salsa dancing will also get that heart rate up, keeping your blood pressure low, and creating a happier, healthier you! And, with increased endorphin levels because of all of that movement on the dance floor, you’re sure to be smiling and having a blast!

Socially, Salsa dancing, like many other ballroom dances, is a fun and exciting approach to meeting new friends. Sure, you can meet people in all different ways, but the joy of social dancing with people with similar interests, provides a unique opportunity to connect with others. Social dancing is just that…social! When you share what you love with others, you’re no longer alone. And regardless of your age, being a part of a community gives us purpose and passion.

You can be hip and cool at any age when you know how to Salsa dance! Explore ballroom dancing for yourself and see how it can help you physically, mentally and socially. Get off the couch and on to the dance floor for Beginner’s Private Latin and Ballroom Dance Lessons . You’re never too old to join in the fun!


Dance – A NEW New Year’s Resolution

According to several statistics, about 45% of Americans make a resolution to change something about their lives when the New Year rolls around. A slim percent of these Americans stick to the resolutions they make, like losing weight, falling in love, enjoying life to the fullest, learning something new, staying fit and quitting smoking. A lot of the time people who call it quits on keeping a resolution can blame a lack of motivation, attempting change alone, and poor time management for falling through. Whether you realized it or not, social ballroom dance lessons in the Country Two Step, Swing or Salsa dancing can actually support many of the most popular resolutions that we make. In fact, Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ has helped thousands of people discover the fun and satisfaction that dancing is. We can keep you motivated with our enthusiastic instructors and stimulating lesson plans and help you manage time with regular, constructive lessons. Losing weight, enjoying life, learning new skills, staying fit and maybe even falling in love can be done when you join us! With over 12 years of experience in the dance business, we can help you make that resolution obtainable and help you stay on track this year!


#1 Lose Weight/Stay Fit

Dancing is an excellent form of exercise, as we have discussed in our blogs before. But what makes it such a great way to keep a resolution is that it continues to challenge you and keeps you motivated because it’s interesting and enjoyable. If you are not a gym rat or don’t find jogging on sidewalks to be your cup of tea, chances are dance lessons will stimulate your body and your mind, keeping you motivated. Not only will you exercise your muscles and coordination, you will also work your brain. Learning new steps and movements is a great way to get fit and challenge your mind!

#2 Enjoying Life

At Dance FX Studios, we can help you obtain skills that will apply to the “real world” and various social settings. See yourself dancing the Salsa at a wedding in 2014? Shaking your groove thing with the Country Two Step on nights out that you deserve? Dancing the Tango with a Latin lover in a land far away? You can make these dreams come true while enjoying yourself and learning the abilities you will use in these situations. It is a two birds, one stone situation that is sure to add some joy to your life!

#3 Learning New Skills

When you take dance lessons, you will learn so much more than just dance moves. We can teach you how to connect with your partner while dancing, be it a spouse or someone new at a bar or club. You can also learn how to lead or follow and how to navigate a crowded dance floor. The dance moves themselves will prove very rewarding when you get them down and become confident in yourself and your newfound abilities.

#4 Falling in Love

Okay, so we can’t promise that Mr. Right or Mrs. Wonderful will magically appear on the dance floor when you start taking dance lessons, but we can be sure that you will gain new social skills that can help you in your search! You will find yourself more confident and open when you take dance lessons, which will help you to connect and communicate when meeting new people. The ability to dance is something that will stay with you and you can take these new skills to a whole new spectrum of social places. Guys, girls love it when they meet a man who knows how to dance and can show them a good time. It’s not girly, we promise! Ladies, who hasn’t dreamt of literally being swept off their feet to a romantic tune?

With so many great holiday specials right now, including a 5-hour private lesson program for just $199 special and our unique $40 Introductory Offer, there’s no reason a resolution can’t come true and stay true all through 2014! Your dreams for 2014 can be obtainable with our help at Dance FX Studios. A few ways that are known to help in keeping resolutions are to be specific and to be held accountable. We lay out everything for you and regular lessons with our great instructors will help you stick to your plan! Call us today at 480.968.6177, visit our website and check out our specials, or stop in today and set yourself up for a great new year!