Hip Hop Grannies Inspire Others

hip hop mesa azIf you like listening to Hip Hop music but do not know how to dance to it, maybe you should take a Hip Hop dance class. Do not use the excuse that you are too old to learn how to Hip Hop dance either. Do you remember back in 2008 when NBC news featured a group of Hip Hop dancers in China? If not, this group was named “Hip Hop Grannies” and a 70 year-old Chinese woman started it. Other women in this group claim they receive a lot of energy when dancing the Hip Hop style, even at their age. The Hip Hop Grannies group is truly an inspiration to everyone and hopefully gives you the motivation to start dancing today.

When you take up Hip Hop dancing, you may not only get more energy like the Hip Hop Grannies, but you can also receive a great cardio workout. In addition, the dynamic and high impact dance moves can also help to improve bone density, muscle and strength training of the legs, hips, and core, and flexibility of muscles. This makes it a great alternative to running, climbing stairs, or using an elliptical.

Despite the great health benefits, Hip Hop dancing can also help you with your confidence. Improvements in your balance, coordination, and movements that come from Hip Hop dancing can leave you feeling better about yourself and your abilities, thus boosting your confidence. So what are you waiting for, go out and challenge yourself today with some fun and exciting Hip Hop classes!

Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, offers Group Hip Hop Lessons and Private Hip Hop Lessons. Group Dance Classes are 1 hour long each week, for four consecutive weeks. The next Hip Hop Group Lessons start on April 4th at 8 pm. They will be every Wednesday and build upon the previous class’ material. Group Hip Hop information can be found at https://dancefxstudios.com/dance-classes-mesa-arizona/


For a more intimate session, try our Private Hip Hop Lessons. Our Introductory Offer consists of 2 thirty-minute, or 1 hour-long, private Hip Hop Lesson. For further details please go to https://dancefxstudios.com/dance-lessons-mesa-arizona/