Types of Two Step Dancing

Country Two Step dance lessons Mesa AZHave you heard of Two Step dancing? Most people have, but what you may not know is that there are several types of two step dances that are popular today. How do you know which one you should learn? What is the one that everyone is doing out in the Country bars? What makes them all different? Great questions! Let’s take a look…

Here in Phoenix, the “Arizona” two step, or at least a version of it, is what is most often used in the Country bars around Phoenix. This dance is also referred to as the “Rhythm” two step because it is a dance that doesn’t have to travel, but can be done comfortably on any crowded Country dance floor.

The AZ two step is rhythmic, stylish and includes a ton of fun turns, and is actually a mid-tempo dance, not a fast one. This last fact is something that is often overlooked, ignored or one that many younger dancers are ignorant to as they tend to fly around the dance floor in the two step. The AZ two step really has more of  a “mosey” effect. Think of shuffling along the dance floor casually, rather than speed racing.

The Arizona two step is a wonderfully practical dance to know for all ages, and is a timeless Country dance that will cover you through many of your favorite Country dance songs.

The “Texas” two step, also known as the “Progressive” two step, is another popular style of Country dancing that is a bit faster, and more of a traveling dance. When you’ve got a large dance floor and people who know what they’re doing on it, this is another great form of two stepping.

The Progressive two step moves counter-clockwise direction on the outside of the dance floor. This flow of traffic is key for making sure that there are no accidents while dancing. For most songs that you would dance Country Swing to, you can also interchange them with Progressive two step, making this dance great to know! The Texas two step is not used as often out here in Arizona, but again, it’s a cool two step two know when you’re at a place that this dance style is common.

Lastly, there’s a dance that less people are aware of called the Nite Club Two Step. This dance is used for slower Country music and has several looks and styles associated with it. For example, at our studio, Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we teach a smoother, less bouncy version of the nite club two step, where other places still dance the bouncier upbeat version. Regardless, when the music slows down, this is a great go-to dance.

Are you excited about learning to two step this summer? If so, an Introductory Dance Lesson is a fun way to get started. Country dance lessons will keep you out of the Arizona heat, and active all summer long! When the weather breaks, you can throw on those boots and dance into the rest of the year. Enjoy!