Have Fun With Salsa, Swing and Two Step Dancing!

Country dance lesson in ArizonaSocial dancing is an exciting, romantic and healthy way to meet new people and connect with others wherever you go, from night clubs to holiday parties and even work events. If you are single and thinking of ways to meet the opposite sex, what better way than dancing?!? Think of sweeping her off of her feet Salsa dancing or twisting and turning in the Country Two Step. If you want to improve your social calendar, let dancing bring you together with those who enjoy the same hobby! If you’re excited to become a confident social dancer, give Private Social Ballroom lessons a shot!

Beginner’s Social Dance Lessons.  When you begin taking Swing or Tango dance lessons, know that you will be discovering a whole new language. At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona,  will teach you the ABC’s of dance and then turn you into a great social dancer by teaching you how to create “words” and eventually “sentences” on the dance floor. How does that translate to the dance floor? Well, we will show you basic elements (letters) that you can begin to string together to make cool combinations (words) on the dance floor. That’s when you become a hot commodity out there social dancing! In Private Dance Lessons, you will spend time with one of our talented instructors, exploring our one-of-a-kind system of teaching. We will help you to begin your journey into understanding the language of dance with step-by-step, easy-to-learn instruction that is always personalized just for you, for the way that you best learn.

What comes next?   We continue to guide you on your journey towards becoming an original social dancer. As you progress in levels of understanding, we will teach you how to hear the music and determine which dances go to what songs. That way you will be empowered on any social dance floor to know how to identify your dances.  Rather than memorizing patterns and footwork, we assist you in creating your own dance steps! Are you excited to learn to dance yet?

The Benefits of Dance.  At Dance FX Studios, we want you to enjoy the benefits of dancing. Dancing increases body awareness including: balance, posture, coordination, even weight loss! Learning social dances, from Country dancing to Latin dancing, also increases confidence. This amazing boost in self-assurance overflows into many areas such as dating and job performance. How great is that?!

The best part about being a great social dancer is the widening of your social circles. Imagine meeting people from as wide range of places all because you can dance a variety of styles. Try learning the Salsa, Argentine Tango, Foxtrot, Country Swing or Country 2-Step and meeting people from all walks of life!

Results.  Before long, you will be fluent and fluid in the language of dance. By becoming a competent social dancer, you will navigate crowded dance floors and be the one that everyone is watching. Lead or follow any partner so effortlessly that everyone wants to dance with you! Feel confident in any social situation, knowing that you will be the center of activity and not merely watching from the sidelines. There are so many positive results you will gain from dancing, why not start now with Dance FX Studios’ New Student Offer and find out what learning to dance can do for you?

We are ready to start helping you have fun dancing! Call or stop by Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona today. We are on the southeast corner of Dobson and Guadalupe Roads, just outside Tempe and Chandler, and a few minutes from Scottsdale, Arizona. Feel like you have two left feet? No worries! We will show you how easy it is to move past that idea on your first lesson. Let us help you meet lots of new people and begin changing your life today for the better!