Ballroom Dancing as Physical Therapy!

Did you or someone you know recently endure an injury that required therapy or some type of physical rehabilitation? Oftentimes a doctor will refer you out to a normal Physical Therapist, and that’s wonderful, and also very helpful. However, there are many different ways to rehabilitate yourself, while also strengthening your body, getting in shape […]

Use Dance as a Form of Expression

Do you need a new outlet that allows you to express yourself? Are you a bit shy when it comes to connecting with people you don’t know? If you are seeking a way to express your feelings, then dancing could very well be the thing for you! Dancing, from Salsa to Swing to the ever-popular Country […]

The Beauty of Bachata

Bachata is a wonderful and unique dance with a very deep and very beautiful history. Humbly created by servants in the early days of the Dominican Republic, Bachata was simply known as a celebratory dance that would occur after they all were released from their daily chores, and had down time. Instead of diminishing into […]

A man in blue and a woman in red

Guys, Become Confident in Your Dancing Today!

Hey guys, are you looking to improve your odds of meeting someone special? Would you like to have more fun while staying fit through the holidays? Then social dance lessons are exactly what you need, and you need to start today! Guys, the equation is simple enough, and it looks something like this: A man […]

Gift Yourself Dance Lessons This Season

Every holiday season comes with a certain amount of stress and pressure in order for all to have a good time. Each year we will spend months preparing for just a few important moments that stretch the length of a mere couple of days, stressing ourselves out to our wits end, just for the perfect dessert […]

Are You Afraid To Dance?

Have you been wanting to go out dancing with friends, but don’t because you think you don’t have the skills you need on the dance floor? That’s OK! Everyone’s got to learn at some point, right? Don’t let your lack of knowledge hold you back from having a blast Country dancing, Latin dancing, or even […]

Reignite the Passion With Ballroom Dance Lessons

Has it been too long since you and your loved one took a night to yourselves? Are date nights becoming a thing of the past? Then, it sounds like it might be time to make some changes, and there’s no better time to get started than right now! If you’re looking to add something new […]

How Athletes Benefit from Ballroom Dance Lessons

We are about to kick off the 2016-2017 NFL football season, (Lets Go Cardinals!) and it couldn’t be more exciting! All the athletes we love and admire have been training their hearts out for months just to make us proud – and to win, of course! Every last one of them, doing everything they can to […]

Ballroom Dancing…A Secret Weapon!

Are you trying to recall something but nothing seems to be helping? Now that’s a feeling that people never like to experience, and yet inevitably, we all go through it. Delaying memory loss and the process of aging is something that has been studied by some of the smartest and most capable people all over […]

Dancing, Music and Stereotypes

Every new art form has its own evolution and road to acceptance throughout history. A road that is often painted by many colors, stereotypes and opinions that travel along, perhaps distorting the intention of the artist or the meaning of the art altogether. Willingness to overlook such stereotypes can help broaden our horizons to more art […]