Dance Tips From The Pros

Meet the pros here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. We specialize in creating confident and comfortable social dancers in all of the most popular dances from Salsa to Swing and Tango to Two Step and we would love to share our dancing tips with YOU! Check out some NEW and useful dance tips below from each of our incredible instructors.

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Meet Jeremy, our resident comedian and top male dance instructor. Jeremy’s tip of the week is: “Focus on the rhythm of the dance over the pattern. “Rhythm over pattern” is a philosophy that can help you as a new student of dance to overcome the first and biggest obstacle… OURSELVES.   So often in the beginning stages of the learning process, new dancers hold themselves back with a negative self image, self doubt,  and a false belief of inability.  It is typical to find a new dancer over thinking, over dancing, and over analyzing what they have learned in order to fit in.  Over thinking and over analyzing footwork and patterns oftentimes leads to many bad habits, including stopping dancing mid-dance.  Losing balance, dropping your dance frame and just plain ol’ goofing up your feet can also be a result of over thinking.  Instead, try focusing on the rhythm of the dance or step that you are dancing, instead of making the footwork perfect. This will keep the feet moving throughout the pattern-even if it is not perfect. The “rhythm over pattern” concept will build your confidence within no time, especially when you come to realize that your dancing doesn’t have to be perfect. Keep the beat and keep moving, and watch your confidence soar! The rest of the details will come in time. Feeling really IS believing!

Meet Kendi, Dance FX Studios’ ray of sunshine! Here is Kendi’s dance tip of the week: Learning to dance is very similar to learning a language. It takes time and dedication. The best way to see the most progress is to put time in to your dancing outside of your lessons. Those of my students who go out dancing regularly, and who do their homework consistently, see the most improvement and gain confidence quicker! What will you need to put in to see great results on the social dance floor? I would suggest 15-30 minutes of dance practice, a few evenings a week, and you will see results in no time!

Meet Bethany, our “she literally does-it-all” gal! Check out Bethany’s dance tip of the week: Embrace your mistakes! When you’re out dancing, mistakes are bound to happen. You can’t be a perfect leader/follower ALL the time, but the key to a great social dancer is how you handle the slip ups. If something doesn’t go as smoothly as you planned, laugh it off and keep moving. The goal is to just keep dancing, and play off those mistakes as if you TOTALLY meant to do that move. If you’re confident in what you’re doing, and know how to recover, no one else will even notice. Plus, those mistakes can be treated as learning experiences. No worries! You’ll get it next time!

Meet Chanelle, Dance FX Studios’ dancer extraordinaire! Chanelle’s dance tip of the week is: Keep dancing no matter what! What do you do in that moment when you get on the dance floor and you forget everything you’ve learned because somehow those pesky nerves kick in? Suddenly you’ve lost all control of your mind and body and can’t remember if Salsa is something you should be eating or dancing. My advice to you is to just keep dancing! Know that muscle memory WILL kick in because you have already done that same basic step 100 times or more in your private dance lessons. Ladies, wait for your fearless leader to get back on track as he works his way through the process of remembering-don’t help! As long as you keep moving by either doing the basic step or sways, guys, your follower won’t know that your nerves have prohibited you to remember your steps. Once your nerves have subsided, throw in one fun move at a time. There’s always another chance to dance if you can’t get them all in on that first song. Just keep moving and the fun will increase before long!I hope that this easy tip can help you feel cool, confident and at ease when walking on to any social dance floor for your first few times.