The Next Health Expo is Thursday, 9.28.17

6-8 pm at Dance FX Studios


Help support the cause at this unique and exciting event!

Enjoy delicious vegetarian and vegan options catered by California Pizza Kitchen! A Swing Dance Class will be taught by Adam Dekavallas, Co-founder of Dance FX Studios. 100% of Event’s proceeds will go to Medicine for the People.


About Medicine for the People

Medicine for the People is a 501(c)(3) that advocates for, and educates on, natural alternatives and enhancements to pharmaceutical solutions. Donations go towards research, treatments, and support to those in need.

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This Event is FREE and is Open to the Public!


About Adam Dekavallas, founder of Medicine for the People

This year marks Adam’s 20th year as a full-time Professional Dance Instructor. As the Dance Director of Dance FX Studios, Adam developed a system of social ballroom dance instruction that includes true lead and follow while making learning to social dance fun, easy and user-friendly. His goal is to inspire, educate and enlighten each one of his students about dance.

Adam has helped thousands of people to become confident and successful social dancers over the years. He is also proud to have choreographed countless Wedding Dance Routines for Arizona brides and grooms.

In the last year, Adam has directed his passion towards helping others into the charity he founded, Medicine for the People. With an all-encompassing healthy approach to living based on facts and research, he aims to help us all live our best lives.


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